Millions of hardware units sold. As of 17th October 2020

Hardware Chart 17th October 2020

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
NS 133,653 122,152 94,256 418,749
PS4 35,267 72,614 3,604 124,962
XOne 19,193 6,933 52 29,295
3DS 950 766 809 2,808

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Blast From The Past

Japan Top Sellers 04th January 2009
1 PSP Dissidia: Final Fantasy 95,198
2 DS Rhythm Heaven 88,123
3 DS Kirby Super Star Ultra 85,527
4 Wii Animal Crossing: City Folk 79,708
5 Wii Wii Fit 74,331
6 PS3 White Knight Chronicles: International Edition 73,639
7 DS Style Savvy 72,176
8 Wii Mario Kart Wii 72,072
9 PSP Monster Hunter Freedom Unite 63,449
10 DS Pokémon Platinum Version 60,791

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