Millions of hardware units sold. As of 01st August 2020

Hardware Chart 01st August 2020

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
NS 110,673 98,241 85,606 357,773
PS4 46,519 79,571 4,199 149,988
XOne 26,094 8,960 39 40,851
3DS 2,911 1,350 733 5,295

Latest Shipment Updates

Boxart Missing PC Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout 2,000,000
Boxart Missing PS4 Final Fantasy VII Remake 5,000,000
Boxart Missing Series Pokemon 366,680,000
Boxart Missing Series Mario Kart 146,240,000
Boxart Missing Series The Legend of Zelda 108,260,000
Boxart Missing Series Super Smash Bros. 61,230,000
Boxart Missing Series Animal Crossing 56,720,000
Boxart Missing Series Mario Party 52,700,000
Boxart Missing Series Splatoon 15,660,000
Boxart Missing Series Super Mario 358,080,000

Blast From The Past

Europe Top Sellers 04th March 2007
1 DS Nintendogs 53,126
2 X360 Crackdown 51,325
3 Wii Wii Sports 48,012
4 DS Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day 32,266
5 DS New Super Mario Bros. 29,463
6 Wii Sonic and the Secret Rings 29,150
7 Wii The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 16,869
8 DS Animal Crossing: Wild World 16,579
9 DS Big Brain Academy 16,220
10 PSP Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories 14,857

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