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Millions of hardware units sold. As of 07th September 2019

Hardware Chart 07th September 2019

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
NS 89,625 62,605 76,941 261,720
PS4 54,512 94,714 32,964 220,333
XOne 30,020 13,035 61 49,223
3DS 5,542 4,095 1,495 12,134
PSV N/A N/A 32 32

Ranked by number of units sold worldwide. Note that the Global total includes regions not counted in the individual North America, Europe and Japan columns.

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Blast From The Past

Europe Top Sellers 05th December 2010

1 PS3 Gran Turismo 5 398,257
2 Wii Wii Sports 371,020
3 Wii Wii Fit Plus 190,862
4 PS3 Call of Duty: Black Ops 183,529
5 Wii Mario Kart Wii 176,432
6 Wii Wii Party 175,811
7 X360 Kinect Adventures! 174,981
8 Wii New Super Mario Bros. Wii 157,357
9 Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns 149,646
10 Wii Just Dance 2 140,593

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