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Weekly Sales Analysis, 9 July 2011 - Earth Defense Force Debuts - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 July 2011 / 4,424 Views


With the summer now in full swing it is a slow week with both week on week and year on year sales down across the board. There are no hardware milestones this week, but several platforms will be hitting new milestones in the next two to three weeks. There are no software milestones this week. No games sold over 100,000, whereas two did last week, and the top 10 sold over 50,000, down from 12 last week.

Worldwide Hardware


Week on week sales are down for every platform. The Wii sold the most hardware this week with 131,000 units sold, a decrease of 18,000 (-12%). The PlayStation 3 is in second for another week, as it sold 126,000 units, a decrease of 4,000 (-3%). The Xbox 360 sold 104,000 units this week, which is down 5,000 (-5%) compared to last week. As sales slow even more the Xbox 360 will probably fall below 100,000 at some point during the summer, with a chance of the Wii as well, and an even smaller chance for the PlayStation 3. The DS is the bestselling handheld with sales of 106,000 units; this is a decrease of just 1,000 (-1%). The PSP sold 76,000 units, down 6,000 (-7%) compared to last week. The 3DS falls to last place with sales of 71,000 sold, a decrease of 19,000 (-21%). Total week on week sales decreased 53,000 (85%) to 614,000 units.

Year on year sales are down for every platform. The Wii has the smallest drop down 32,000 units, while its little brother, the DS, continues to have the biggest drop down a massive 185,000 (-64%). The PlayStation 3 is down 48,000 (-28%) and the PSP is down 44,000 (-37%). Xbox 360 sales are down 72,000 (-41%). Total year on year sales are down 310,000 (-34%).

Hardware Home Consoles

The Wii is as at the top for a seventh straight week, however it is on pace to fall below the PlayStation 3 next week. If Wii sales continue to drop by a similar amount, it will fall below the PlayStation 3 in the next couple of weeks. The gap between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 grows for a fourth straight week, from 9,000 four weeks ago to 22,000 this week. This is the 23rd week the PlayStation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360. Compared with ten weeks ago the Wii is up, and the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are down.

Hardware Handhelds

With adjustments to the DS the 3DS never outsold the DS, but it did outsell the PSP for three weeks. The gap between the DS and PSP has grown, from 11,000 during the week of May 28, to 30,000 this week. Compared with ten weeks ago all three platforms are down.

Worldwide Software

Only one game debuted in the top 40 this week, down from five last week. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (X360) debuted at number 10 with sales of 54,000. The PlayStation 3 version debuted at number 13 with sales of 42,000. The game launched in the Americas and Japan, and will launch in EMEAA on July 22.

Other games in the top 10 that are not debuts include Zumba Fitness (Wii) at the top with sales of 94,000. L.A. Noire (PS3) is at number two with sales of 93,000. Wii Sports Resort is at number three with sales of 85,000. Pokémon Black / White Version (DS) is at number four with sales of 84,000. Mario Kart Wii is at number five with sales of 76,000.

 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS) is at number six with sales of 70,000. Wii Sports is at number seven with sales of 67,000. InFamous 2 (PS3) is at number eight with sales of 63,000. Wii Fit Plus is at number nine with sales of 57,000.


Week on week software totals are down across the board. The Wii takes the top spot this week with 1.23 million games sold, a decrease of 202,000 (-14%). The PlayStation 3 sold 1.12 million games, a decrease of 169,000 (-13%). Xbox 360 software sales is down to 1.05 million games sold, a decrease of 135,000 (-11%). The DS sold 768,000 games, a decrease of 111,000 (-13%). PSP game sales decreased 101,000 (-30%), to 239,000 games sold. The 3DS sold 204,000 games, a decrease of 154,000 (-43%). Total combined software is down week on week to 4.62 million games sold a decrease of 872,000 (-2%).

Year on year software totals are down across the board. The PlayStation 3 is down 301,000 (-21%), the Wii is down 847,000 (-41%) and the Xbox 360 is down 374,000 (-26%). The DS is down 673,000 (-47%) and the PSP is down 206,000 (-46%). Total combined software is down 2.20 million (-32%) games sold year on year.

Software Home Consoles

Wii software sales are in first for a third week, as sales after remaining even for three weeks, drop this week. PlayStation 3 software sales are in second for a third straight week, while Xbox 360 software sales are in third also for a third week. Compared to ten weeks ago all three platforms are up slightly.

Software Handhelds

3DS software sales after being slightly ahead of the PSP for three weeks, it falls to last place this week. DS software remains well ahead of the PSP as it outsold the PSP by a margin 3:1. Compared with ten weeks ago the 3DS is up, while the DS and PSP are down.

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Kai Master (on 16 July 2011)

"53,000 (85%) to 614,000 units." : that's 8% I think.

  • +2
Phoeniks.Wright (on 15 July 2011)

Huh, so not even the release of Ocarina of time 3D helped the 3DS beat the DS. Well, I guess we'll see the DS destroy the 3DS for the next few months then.

  • +1
jkudlacz (on 15 July 2011)

It is time for a price cut. Now only question I have is how much will the price cut. Are we going to see PS3 for $249 or $199? And if that happens what will Microsoft do? XBOX 360 $149 or $99 for base model and $249 or $199 with 250 GB hard drive? XBOX is currently selling 25k less than PS3 each month that means after price cut the gap will increase.

  • +1
reviniente jkudlacz (on 16 July 2011)

I agree about the imminence of a price cut, but I wonder about the amount. On one hand, the X360 will want to slow the PS3's current drive so they'll have to keep pace with a price cut from SON¥, but on the other, the PS3 needs to start making a profit and any price cut will further away they're chances of doing so.

  • +1
hnrthrt (on 17 July 2011)


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Salnax (on 16 July 2011)

What we need is a new console generation.

<Looks at 3DS>

Never Mind...

  • 0
Conegamer (on 16 July 2011)

So, Wii>PS3>360 this week. Nice.

Next week? PS3>Wii>360, 360 maybe below 100k. The consoles need price cuts if they want to remain above 100k, all of them. Wii just needed SW. They didn't do that.

All consoles are tumbling down. Infact, maybe a price-cut isn't good enough. Maybe we just...need a new console generation. Then again, the 3DS hardly set the world on fire...

sigh. Videogaming is looking sad.

  • -1
Seece Conegamer (on 18 July 2011)

I don't think weekly 360 sales matter when they were up last Q yoy over 1.2 million (shipments) and are gonna be up again this Q. MS are doing the best they've ever done this last 6 months.

  • 0
reviniente (on 16 July 2011)

Damn! It's 'their' NOT 'they're'. We need an 'undo' button for the replies.

  • -5
Comment was deleted...