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Overall VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009 - News

by Nick Pantazis , posted on 30 December 2009 / 39,895 Views


Console Game of the Year Awards:

Xbox 360 VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009
Playstation 3 VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009
Playstation Portable VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009
Nintendo Wii VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009
Nintendo DS VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009
PC VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2009

Well this is it. It's the last day of 2009 and with it comes our overall picks for Game of the Year. If you owned even one of these platforms you played some incredible games this year. If you owned all of them like me you're still probably digging under your couch cushions trying to scrounge up enough change to buy all these amazing games. If next year is as good I'm afraid I'm going to need another job. Hopefully one that doesn't require any hours so I have time to actually play all these games. 

Of course, with such an incredible lineup of games it's hard for any two people to have identical opinions on what their favorite games this year were, but these were ours, decided by votes from our staff and users. We hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them. Please be respectful when posting opinions on the list, and enjoy!  

Best First Person Shooter: Left 4 Dead 2


It was a close fight but Left 4 Dead 2 beat out Modern Warfare 2 to win our award for the best First Person Shooter of 2009. With more weapons, more zombies, completely new levels, and the new and improved AI Director 2.0, Left 4 Dead 2 betters its predecessor in every way. If you’re looking for hectic and challenging co-op action, nothing out there beats Left 4 Dead 2.

Runner-up: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Reader's Choice: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2




Best Third Person Shooter: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


A bit of an obvious winner, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves takes the award for our best Third Person Shooter in 2009. If you haven’t experienced this game yet you are missing out on one of the most action-packed adrenaline rushes this generation. Truly one of the greatest triumphs of pacing and design, few games can even compete with Uncharted 2 in the third person shooter genre.

Runner-up: Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time

Reader's Choice: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves





Best Arcade Shooter: Pixeljunk Shooter


There are few genres existing today with the kind of history that the arcade shooter has, so it’s refreshing to see original ideas still turn up in the genre. Pixeljunk Shooter’s unique fluid physics-based gameplay sets it apart from others in the genre. Add to that gorgeous graphics and art, and some classic boss fights, and you get our best arcade shooter of 2009.

Runner-up: Space Invaders Extreme 2

Reader's Choice: Pixeljunk Shooter





Best Action-Adventure: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


In a genre full of amazing games, it’s even more amazing that one stood out enough to win this award so solidly. Uncharted 2 picks up its second award, this time as our Action-Adventure game of the year, for delivering a movie-like adventure experience the likes of which this industry has truly never seen before.

Runner-up: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Reader's Choice: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves





Best Action: MadWorld


There was no action game released this year as gruesome as MadWorld, but there weren’t any as stylish either. Platinum Games’ first Wii project oozes unique design from every pore, from the stylish black, white, and red graphics, to the completely original and awesome soundtrack and the epic boss fights. MadWorld is an action experience you won’t soon forget.

Runner-up: Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

Reader's Choice: God of War Collection






Best Adventure: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box


Professor Layton holds its crown as best adventure game for one more year. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is our pick as best adventure game for its brilliant storytelling, puzzles, characters, and music (I still hear the theme song in my head when I do Sudoku puzzles). This is a franchise that has certainly earned its place in history.

Runner-up: A Boy and His Blob

Reader's Choice: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box




Best Platformer: New Super Mario Bros. Wii


Okay so it was a bit of an obvious winner, but even if this year had more competition, it would have been tough to compete with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. One of the most difficult Mario games in years, New Super Mario Bros. Wii marries the incredible classic 2D platforming with creative level design and addictive multiplayer. It easily gets our pick for the best platformer of 2009.

Runner-up: Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Reader's Choice: New Super Mario Bros. Wii



Best Fighter: Blazblue: Calamity Trigger


If you haven’t figured it out yet, we really liked BlazBlue. It offers not only deep and engaging gameplay for fighting game veterans but also something easy to learn and enjoy for the less dedicated. Add to that gorgeous graphics and tons of style and you have a fighting game that should not be missed, and sorry Street Fighter IV, but our pick for the best fighting game of 2009 is BlazBlue.

Runner-up: Street Fighter IV

Reader's Choice: Street Fighter IV




Best Racing Game: DiRT 2


With perhaps the best graphics in the racing genre to date, DiRT 2 is more than just a pretty face. DiRT 2 offers fast and fluid gameplay that no arcade racing fan should pass up. If you are looking for something that’s simply fun to play, there’s not much out there more fun than DiRT2, and that’s why it wins our award for the best racing game of 2009.

Runner-up: Forza 3

Reader's Choice: Forza 3




Best WRPG: Dragon Age: Origins


It’s been a long time since an RPG like Dragon Age showed up, and even longer since Bioware made one. The spiritual sequel to Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age: Origins combines Bioware’s mastery of modern video game storytelling with classically difficult and strategic RPG gameplay. Truly an experience for veterans of the genre, Dragon Age: Origins is a perfect marriage of the old and new, and easily earns our WRPG of the year award for 2009.

Runner-up: Borderlands

Reader's Choice: Dragon Age: Origins



Best JRPG: Demon's Souls


It’s hard to describe Demon’s Souls to those who haven’t played it, because it’s so completely different from all RPGs before it, but if you have played it you know in addition to being brutally difficult it’s also brilliantly unique and offers a multiplayer experience different from any seen before in gaming. Add to that an incredible atmosphere and engaging gameplay and you have our favorite JRPG of 2009.

Runner-up: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Reader's Choice: Demon's Souls





Best MMORPG: Aion: Tower of Eternity


With World of Warcraft constantly dominating the market most MMORPGs have taken to completely copying its style and gameplay, which makes for a pretty bland genre without much variety. Enter Aion, with its gorgeous and interesting world and focus on the freedom of flight. Here you will find something completely unique in the MMO genre. Aion is our favorite MMORPG of 2009.

Runner-up: Free Realms

Reader's Choice: Aion: Tower of Eternity



Best Music and Peripheral: The Beatles: Rock Band


Clearly a labor of love, The Beatles: Rock Band set a standard for style and attention to detail that was completely unseen in music games before it. No game in the genre matches The Beatles: Rock Band’s incredible representation of a band. The dreamscapes are so gorgeous that you could literally just stare at them and experience something amazing. It wins our award for best music & peripheral game of 2009.

Runner-up: DJ Hero

Reader's Choice: The Beatles: Rock Band



Best Strategy: Empire: Total War


Halo Wars may have been the best console RTS game this year, but it’s easy to forget Empire: Total War, a game that didn’t have a massive ad campaign to keep it fresh in our minds. However, what Empire lacked in advertising it made up for in scale. With enormous battles, great balance, incredible graphics, and breathtaking naval battles, Empire: Total War is among the best strategy games of all time, and certainly our pick for the best one of 2009.

Runner-up: Halo Wars

Reader's Choice: Halo Wars




Best Simulation: The Sims 3


It may seem like an obvious winner, but there are more great simulation games out there than ever before. Nevertheless, The Sims 3 takes the award in the genre its franchise pioneered. With streamlined gameplay removing the worst of The Sims 2’s overloaded hassles, and some addictive new features, The Sims 3 is our pick for the best simulation game of 2009.

Runner-up: Little King's Story

Reader's Choice: The Sims 3


Best Sports Title: Wii Sports Resort


What? A sports award that wasn’t won by a football game (American or otherwise)? That’s right, our award for the best sports game of 2009 goes to Wii Sports Resort, for being too damn fun. An amazing display of the capabilities of the Wii Motion Plus, Wii Sports Resort truly offers an experience that cannot be found anywhere else, and some incredibly addictive gameplay and impressive motion controls.

Runner-up: Fifa Soccer 10

Reader's Choice: Fifa Soccer 10




Best Puzzle Game: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box


Professor Layton nabs its second award of 2009, this time in the puzzle game category, edging out Scribblenauts. With hundreds of challenging classic brain twisters and a new one added every week, it’s hard to beat Professor Layton and its dominance of this genre. If you haven’t tried the franchise yet, you’re missing out. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is our favorite puzzle game of 2009.

Runner-up: Scribblenauts

Reader's Choice: Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box


Best Downloadable Content: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony


The Grand Theft Auto IV episodes have set new standards for what DLC should be. The Ballad of Gay Tony, being our favorite of the two, won for adding a lot of features to Grand Theft Auto IV, not the least of which are a host of weapons and vehicles (including the sorely missed parachute) and multiplayer modes. If you were disappointed in a lack of content in the original GTA IV, try out this DLC, and see if that changes your mind.

Runner-up: Wipeout HD Fury

Reader's Choice: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned



Best Original Downloadable Game: Shadow Complex



Shadow Complex just edged out Flower in an epic battle of classic versus innovative for our downloadable game award. Shadow Complex is an incredible and addictive classic side scrolling adventure in the vein of Metroid and Castlevania before it. It’s not only a great game for a great price but a new standard for graphics and presentation in a downloadable game.

Runner-up: Flower

Reader's Choice: Flower



Best Graphics: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Okay, so it’s not much of a surprise, but wow, Uncharted 2 takes yet another award. If you can’t tell how gorgeous it is from the screenshots, play the game because, amazingly, it’s even more beautiful in motion. Truly an achievement for the ages in game design, Uncharted 2 isn’t just a technical marvel, but also full of brilliant and gorgeous set-pieces that will wow gamers and non-gamers alike.

Runner-up: Killzone 2

Reader's Choice: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves



Best Music Score: Halo 3: ODST


ODST may not have lit up the review charts, but it absolutely excelled in music. While the Halo series has always had excellent original soundtracks, the score of ODST is a step above even its brethren. Halo 3: ODST offers a variety of incredible music ranging from haunting melodies emphasizing the rookie’s isolation to sweeping epics in the heat of battle, and that’s why it gets our award for best music score in 2009.

Runner-up: Persona 4

Reader's Choice: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves



Most Innovative: Scribblenauts


While the execution may not have been perfect, it’s hard to argue with the brilliance of the concept of Scribblenauts. You may not be able to write anything, but thousands of words are recognized by the game and generate fully interactive weapons, objects, people, and creatures. If you had made the game would you have remembered to add Cthulu? Scribblenauts is our most innovative game of 2009.

Runner-up: Flower

Reader's Choice: Flower



Biggest Disappointment: Brutal Legend


As a huge Tim Schafer fan I was looking forward to Brutal Legend more than any other game going into 2009. That made the game’s inability to meet expectations even more painful. While Brutal Legend isn’t actually bad, its clunky controls, poor strategy gameplay, and lack of quality, witty humor we’ve come to expect from Tim Schafer certainly make it disappointing, and it wins our award for biggest disappointment in 2009.

Runner-up: The Conduit

Reader's Choice: Resident Evil 5



Best Game No One Played: Demon's Souls


I’m tired of talking this game up. Go buy it. What’s wrong with you people?! With rave reviews and incredible fan reaction Demon’s Souls far exceeded expectations… in everything but sales. While it didn’t bomb, all we can hope is that more people will go out and give this amazing and unique JRPG the chance it deserves.

Runner-up: Half-Minute Hero

Reader's Choice: Demon's Souls



Most Anticipated Game: The Last Guardian

If you played Shadow of the Colossus and/or Ico this award shouldn’t be a surprise to you, but if you didn’t, shame on you. So far all we have is a great trailer using in-game graphics and some lovely music, but with the pedigree behind this game we expect nothing short of excellence. The Last Guardian is VGChartz’s most anticipated game of 2009.

Runner-up: Final Fantasy XIII

Reader's Choice: Final Fantasy XIII




Overall Game of the Year: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


I suppose after all the other awards it won this isn’t much of a surprise, but you just can’t say enough about this game. It has incredible action. It has perhaps the best voice acting in video game history. It has the best graphics on any console, backed up by great art design. It offers a movie-like experience without breaking up the action with lengthy cutscenes and heavy dialog. On top of all that it even has a very fun multiplayer mode. This is just about as fun as gaming gets. Uncharted 2 gets its final award in 2009 – it’s our overall game of the year.

Runner-up: Left 4 Dead 2


Reader's Choice: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves




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ckmlb (on 17 January 2010)

Also SF IV was my game of the year.

  • 0
ckmlb (on 17 January 2010)

In the year where Street Fighter IV made fighting games relevant again for most people who had abandoned the genre for over a decade, it doesn't win fighting game of the year?

Best fighting franchise of all time and I know the online on Blazblue is better and all but SF IV's core is so much deeper and better than any other fighting franchise (especially ones that play 2D).

  • 0
GuyDuke (on 14 January 2010)


You do know Uncharted 2 isn't a platformer, don't you?

  • 0
GuyDuke (on 14 January 2010)

The Last Guardian, most anticipated? WTF WARK

Zelda Wii, ok course. Or Gran Turismo 5. Or Halo Reach. Or Mario Galaxy 2. Or Heavy Rain. Not that.

  • 0
ManusJustus (on 13 January 2010)

Haha, obviously a little bias on this site.

  • 0
Alby_da_Wolf (on 12 January 2010)

Not that I mind so much FPS', but L4D2 wins and MW2 is 2nd, and amongst the reasons for L4D2 victory there is "more zombies", so one could think "are there zombies in MW2"? :-P

  • 0
Diglet (on 11 January 2010)

Runner up L4D2?

Shoulda been Layton...

  • 0
drakesfortune (on 10 January 2010)

Uncharted 2, good choice! It was the only choice IMO. It stands out head and shoulders above everything else.

  • 0
nintendonitis (on 07 January 2010)

Uncharted 2 is also the "Overall Best Platformer of 2009"
This is the only platformer that I won't mind dying a hundred time because even falling to your death can be fun!
I never have this much fun falling in a game.
And the little ones can't take their eyes of the game its just like watching a movie.
Heck I forgot about all the other PS3 games we have.

  • 0
Badassbab (on 06 January 2010)

I'm so glad UC2 won, it thoroughly deserves it and set's a precedent on how good a games presentation can get. It's up the ante by a long way. I'm talking single player here. I think there should be best multiplayer and best single player criteria too. And a special mention section for awesome games that everyone should play such as Batman.

  • 0
CaptainDJ (on 05 January 2010)

Best Racing Game: DiRT 2? I lold.

  • 0
wholikeswood (on 05 January 2010)

L4D2 was runner-up for GOTY?


Batman destroys it.

  • 0
BrayanA (on 03 January 2010)

Demon's Souls is JRPG? Really?
Wii Sports Resort is Best Sports Title? This is a joke, right?

  • 0
solidpumar (on 03 January 2010)

Shadow Complex is the only choice that bugged.

Ridiculous getting over TRINE or Flower.
The rest is a good list, perhaps not exactly the same as my, but solid list.

  • 0
deus837 (on 02 January 2010)

Best game no one played = Little King's Story. Demon's Souls is awesome but it sold fairly well.

  • 0
ballplayers-2-3-2-3 (on 02 January 2010)


  • 0
SSurTails (on 02 January 2010)

Biggest disappointment: Brutal Legends over The Conduit -> laughable. I think the hype for The Conduit was a lot bigger than Brutal Legends. And also I think that the expectations for The conduit were way higher than brutal legends, yet it got a way lower score.

  • 0
otoniel (on 01 January 2010)

so happy for uncharted
best game of 2009
hands down

  • 0
dpak1170 (on 01 January 2010)

I agree completely and in your face xbox scouts Uncharted 2 is the best game hands down and can't wait for Uncharted 3 to come out and despite not so great sales compared to MW2 or Halo ODST, this game has set the benchmark so high and makes me proud to be an owner of PS3.

  • 0
onslaughtree (on 01 January 2010)

killzone 2 should have won best 1st person shooter...Unlike MW2, it takes multiplayer is a whole new direction....

  • 0
yog-sothot (on 01 January 2010)

Halo Wars better than Dawn of War 2 ?

Why ? Just why ?

  • 0
leo-j (on 01 January 2010)

sigh.. Gballzack and her alts never cease to amaze me

  • 0
Monteblanco (on 01 January 2010)

I may not agree with all choices but at least I can understand them. I'm quite surprised but I have to say that it is refreshing to read a well thought GOTY list, as it seems that most sites, with a few honourable exceptions, are awarding much more based in hype than quality.

  • 0
Makaha (on 01 January 2010)


sales and video game quality are two different things....

Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls are my two favorite PS3 exclusives, but their sales were terrible, but it doesn't mean they are terrible games.....
....quite the opposite actually, pretty much everyone who played those two games (the few that actually did) really liked those two games

How about Madworld on the Wii??
It had terrible sales but is a pretty good game

Have you even played Demon's Souls??
Don't open your mouth about a game you never even played

  • 0
Kenoid (on 31 December 2009)

Not bad, Uncharted 2 deserved it.

  • 0
Pho_Hybrid (on 31 December 2009)

Another U2 GOTY, GJ U2, I don't think I have any disagreements with this list :P

  • 0
Kaixes (on 31 December 2009)

Blazblue. Deserved.

  • 0
Skeeuk (on 31 December 2009)

i very much disagree with this list. L4D is a good co op game, but what about the single player and competitive modes. MW2 edges it out clearly.

forza is better than dirt 2,

  • 0
FaRmLaNd (on 31 December 2009)

I agree with most of the list.

VEry happy ODST got the best score because its music was amazing.

  • 0
riders42 (on 31 December 2009)

Great list. Still need to play UC2 though. Have it just need to play it....

  • 0
Boutros (on 31 December 2009)

I also agree with most of the list but The Last Guardian as the most anticipated? I can think of ten games more anticipated than The Last Guardian lol
Great list in general though.
I would have loved to see a "Party" category so that Buzz! could win something :P

  • 0
indodude (on 31 December 2009)

@ dp666

You fail.

  • 0
eliasg (on 31 December 2009)

Shame on you Vgchartz . FIFA10 is by far the best sports title this year. Anyway. Happy new year to everyone!!!

  • 0
Kamahl (on 31 December 2009)

well, i agree with most of the list... thats a surprise.

  • 0
leo-j (on 31 December 2009)

Good, hopefully people buy it

  • 0
chiggerzero (on 31 December 2009)

Uncharted 2 of the Unpirated PS3 is looking better and better slowly but surely.
Substance over Style is holding very well against the competition!
Quality over Quantity will soon payoff.
Ps3 design and vision is taking effect.
There is no other direction for PS3 but Up!
What agreat way to start the New Year 2010 witrh a Big Bang!

  • 0
Wii_Master (on 31 December 2009)

like jdelanoy said everyone has a diffrewnt oponion so i agree about 95 % except the overall goty...nsmbwii not uncharted 2 but its all opinions but very good list

also in the category Best Game No One Played, it says best game noone played...please correct!!:p

  • 0
NACH360 (on 31 December 2009)

After 4 years dominated xbox360 as games, ultimately ps3 has something that to count(tell).
Undoubtedly a fight, which victor does not have. Because none overcomes other one...

  • 0
Fulgurant (on 31 December 2009)

Uncharted 2 being the GOTY on this site was so obvious before reading this list it isn't even funny or surprising.

  • 0
ameratsu (on 31 December 2009)

Very nice list overall. Well deserved for Left 4 Dead 2 and Demon's Souls (in the JRPG category).

  • 0
dahuman (on 31 December 2009)

Uncharted 2, mmmmm.... so good~~~~

  • 0
jdelanoy (on 31 December 2009)

Almost all of these are pretty much good. I'd quibble with MW2 vs. L4D2, but other than that, I agree almost entirely.

  • 0
cromeros (on 31 December 2009)

Seven Vistories for Nintendo's consoles... GOOD!!

  • 0
tolu619 (on 31 December 2009)

I agree with almost everything here.The best part is how they considered portable games on equal footing with console games.I don't mean literally but you know what I mean.

  • 0
Phrancheyez (on 31 December 2009)

Pretty impressed with the list as a whole. Might not agree with everything 100%, but who will? Great job, Staff.

  • 0
chiggerzero (on 31 December 2009)

U2! Magnificent!

  • 0
naznatips (on 31 December 2009)

Persona 4 was included this year because it was released too late to be included last year.

  • 0
jbrist (on 31 December 2009)


Sales and quality are two different things, for example, EVERYONE I know loves Valkyria Chronicles and Demon's Souls, they're amazing games, scored relatively well, but the sales are disappointing...

I mean, I also know alot of people, myself included, that thinks Halo 3 is just another lackluster sci-fi shooter, yet it went on to sell over 10m copies o.O

  • 0
dp666 (on 31 December 2009)

IMO sales of UC2 are too low too be GOTY.

  • 0
BoneArk (on 31 December 2009)

Next year is going to be really competitive.

  • 0
Ali-Kharazi (on 31 December 2009)

Persona 4 was released in 2008.

  • 0
Azz (on 31 December 2009)

I wanted to buy Demon's Soul for a long time, but that game isn’t available anywhere near I live.

  • 0
sabby_e17 (on 31 December 2009)

Wait, just looking back imo AC2 should have won best action adventure. It's such a great game.

And Dissidia really should have won best fighter. It's a shame people don't care about the PSP.

  • 0
sabby_e17 (on 31 December 2009)

I have to say that I agree with nearly everything on the list.

And I'm so glad that MW2 didn't win best FPS.

  • 0
naznatips (on 31 December 2009)

@ elmerion reading comprehension for the win?

  • 0
Carl (on 31 December 2009)

Great article!

Uncharted 2 deserves the bunch it got, and L4D2 beating out MW2 makes me a happy, happy man!

  • 0
sonicshuffle (on 31 December 2009)

lol. Left 4 Dead 2 beat Modern Warfare 2.


  • 0
elmerion (on 31 December 2009)

Lack of Mario on this list makes it go beyond shit .__. seriously, you ranked 2 shooters in different categories, but you couldnt say NSMB was the best plataformer

  • 0
Gintoki (on 31 December 2009)


  • 0
kirby007 (on 31 December 2009)


  • 0
--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 December 2009)

lulz @ Poltergeist13

  • 0
sergiodaly (on 31 December 2009)

great year to be a ps3/PC gamer... just sad because i would like to play some good racers this year and i couldnt because i dont own a xbox 360... for me forza should won it this year... dirt has nothing on forza. well high hopes for next year on this subject. Uncharted 2 rules...

  • 0
Poltergeist13 (on 31 December 2009)

Really uncharted 2 GOTY? Nope. Great game though. No matter how many GOTY awards are given out to Uncharted 2 or Gamespot's drug induced idea that Demon's Souls was GOTY....Modern Warfare 2 and millions upon millions of copies later say hi!!!!!

I'm sure that's an unpopular opinion on vgchartz. GOTY should be awarded to a title that makes the biggest impact. What game made a bigger impact than MW2 this year?

At the end of the day we've all got opinions and no right answers.

  • 0
hunter_alien (on 31 December 2009)

LOL... it was epxected, but still this GotY had some surprises IMO, like best racer ;-)

  • 0
Aldro (on 31 December 2009)

Way to go Uncharted!

  • 0
apollon (on 31 December 2009)

-It has the best graphics on any console-

  • 0
EmpireNO (on 31 December 2009)

Great stuff!

Go buy Demon's Souls ppl, what's wrong with you!!?

Happy New-Year!

  • 0
Rainbird (on 31 December 2009)

The list needs more Flower. And Scribblenauts doesn't deserve to win an award like that. Sure, the concept is interesting, but the execution is so deeply flawed, that it simply cannot win an award.

  • 0
Reasonable (on 31 December 2009)

Pretty darn good list. I still say Flower is way better than Shadow Complex - but I know, guns and action is more appealing that flower petals!

And after the likes of Grim Fandango previously, Brutal Legend was definately a big disappointment. Tim, where did the subtle humour and adventure go? Why nothing but weak hack'n'slash and weak RTS?
Why! Just get me Grim Fandango on PSN/Live instead, please.

  • 0
dbrad000 (on 31 December 2009)

Shadow Complex and Scribblenauts? Instead of Flower? Really?
I'm all for nostalgic platformers, but Flower is a much more amazing game than Shadow Complex. Scribblenauts is interesting, no doubt, but Flower is an experience like none before it.

Uncharted 2 was a no-brainer.

  • 0
down-down-down-down- (on 31 December 2009)

yeeeaaahh uncharted 2 the best!

  • 0
Shoestar (on 31 December 2009)

Damn... Uncharted 2 won like 4 awards... that's a lot... oh well... great list I suppose...

  • 0
bobbo19 (on 31 December 2009)

even though Wii is my fav console, i just cant understand why Fifa 10 was not sports game of the year. Obliterated pro this year and a great game.

  • 0
klaudkil (on 31 December 2009)

well halo3 didnt deserve all that awards it whas just a oke shooter with halo2 updated graphics and a bad story.
Uncharted2 is amazing! you cant compare the nr7 best game of all time to.. just another shooter.

  • 0
okr (on 31 December 2009)

I wished the genre term adventure would just not be used anymore. No other classic genre term has been more abused by both, English speaking gaming media and gamers.

  • 0
aragod (on 31 December 2009)


Well Uncharted 2 was the best game this year, so I don't see a problem with it winning a couple of awards, you have to give credit where it's due.

  • 0
Seraphic_Sixaxis (on 31 December 2009)

No PSP games? None at all? really? ... ... ... Uncharted 2 is starting to become as annoying as Halo to me now...

  • 0
MikeB (on 31 December 2009)

@ NicholasCage

Assassin's Creed 2 didn't win anything?

Yes, I think that's kind of sad. It would be my pick for best overall single player multi-platform title.

  • 0
MikeB (on 31 December 2009)

Having played Left 4 Dead 2 on a high end gaming PC, I think that's a weak pick.

I am also surprised by MadWorld, but I haven't really played that enough to make an educated judgement. It didn't look so hot on my friend's Wii/HDTV and he said he didn't like the game so much.

  • 0
snoddas (on 31 December 2009)

well alot more people including myself would buy demon souls if only they could release it here in EU (it's only the biggest market for the ps3 to this day)
Uncharted 2, great game and deserves to win!

  • 0
blizzid (on 31 December 2009)

I wanted to edit my comment, so I deleted it and reposted it. =D

And yeah, Professor Layton is hugely successful. That does put things in perspective a bit.

  • 0
c0rd (on 31 December 2009)

Wii Sports Resort, oh yeah.

I'm surprised L4D2 made runner-up for overall GOTY.

  • 0
vlad321 (on 31 December 2009)

I am surprisingly less disappointed than what I expected to be when I clicked the link. At least by the VGC picks, the Reader's Choices are just laughable though.

I am however surprised at the Most Anticipated. Considering Starcraft 2 is coming out, sequel to probably the most balanced and engaging multiplayer game in history, it's strange that anyone would pick anything else.

  • 0
Rawrizard (on 31 December 2009)

Good job by Uncharted 2. BlazBlue beating out SFIV makes me wonder why I still haven't got around to trying it out yet. I was gonna get it when it released too.

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--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 December 2009)

Okay, something's up with these comments. How did I end up below the guy I was replying to? O_o

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blizzid (on 31 December 2009)

Good choices, and I'm particularly happy to see PC games getting some attention. I only have two complaints:

1) Games shouldn't be counted in multiple genres. Pick the genre that fits best and stick to it.
2) Demon's Souls has exceeded sales expectations. It might not have lit the charts on fire, but calling it a game "no one played" is a serious exaggeration. There were some great games this year that sold less than 10% of what Demon's Souls has done.

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--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 December 2009)

@ blizzid

Demon's Souls is a total bomb compared to last year's "Best Game No One Played" winner, Professor Layton. How much has that game sold now? 3 million? 4? lol :P

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Gearbox (on 31 December 2009)

the only thing i dont agree with is l4d2 doing so good. because it was my biggest disapointment of the year... i LOVED my l4d.. but this new one... iunno maybe its cause i played it right after platinuming uncharted 2 :P

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Gilgamesh (on 31 December 2009)

Good picks

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Quickdraw McGraw (on 31 December 2009)

Surprisingly good choices, although including Uncharted 2 in two separate categories is pointless.

I will complain about Flower not winning for downloadable, easily my top three of the year overall.

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Makaha (on 31 December 2009)


Demon's Souls is my GOTY

People, buy this game!!!

yes it may be difficult, but it's very addicting

If you don't have a PS3, then buy one for this game!!

Or at the very least, borrow a friend's PS3
(which is what I do, I let him borrow my 360, we've been doing this since PS2 and Xbox, great idea, yeah??)

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MrBubbles (on 31 December 2009)

idk...but reading these goty awards(all of them, not the overall list specifically) makes me want to go out and do bodily harm to people.

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dragonmagician (on 31 December 2009)

Uncharted 2 is amazing. Hope it continues to sell.

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TheTruthHurts! (on 31 December 2009)

Great list, few can argue that U2 did not deserve the title of GOTY.

Awesome seeing Demons Souls, (love/hate that game).

L4D2 is amazing and deserves best FPS. Boycott......what boycott?

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themanwithnoname (on 31 December 2009)

Ratchet and Clank is not a third person shooter and Dirt 2 doesn't even touch Forza 3...

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--OkeyDokey-- (on 31 December 2009)

Naughty God must be losing track of all the awards they're winning.

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Attoyou (on 30 December 2009)

big surprise who would have guessed uncharted 2 would win.... :-P

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NicholasCage (on 30 December 2009)

Assassin's Creed 2 didn't win anything?

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jayke (on 30 December 2009)

Finman, you didn't like uncharted one, are you insane? What games do you enjoy?!?!?!
Demon souls sold quite a but, it may be a surprise hit, but its definitely not a game no one played..that's silly.
All the other choices are excellent. I would say l4d2 is 1000 times more fun the modern warfare, but single player campaign Killzone 2 is an unrivaled winner in my book.

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Spedfrom (on 30 December 2009)

Congratulations to the winners, specially to the incredible Uncharted 2!

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