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Best VR Game of 2021

Best VR Game of 2021 - Article

by Lee Mehr , posted on 16 January 2022 / 3,683 Views

Last year, VGChartz introduced Best VR Game as a new category.  It was mostly inspired by the eventual winner: Half-Life: Alyx.  Although this year didn't introduce us to a platform-defining experience of that caliber, VR still had a commendable year.  One ongoing trend for this platform has been rock-solid ports of older iconic titles, and 2021 was no exception on that front.  As the medium progresses, so too does every developer's knowhow about it.  These nominees were among the best examples of that in 2021.


The Shortlist:


Sniper Elite VR


The Climb 2




Resident Evil 4 VR





The Winner:

Resident Evil 4 VR

Runner-up: Sniper Elite VR

It's interesting how the top two spots this year go to a VR-refashioning of an older game and an older game template.  But that's part of the idea with this new technology: seeing the old & familiar in a completely new way.  Out of all the big-name publishers, Capcom ranks as one of the most supportive of the platform and it's paid off for the company with respect to quality.  One of the most venerated Resident Evil titles of all time can now be appreciated in a brand new way.

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2zosteven (on 16 January 2022)

hard to believe resident evil 4 still this relevant all these years later, now a remake in the works.

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