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VGChartz Staff Picks: The Top 100 Games, Part V

VGChartz Staff Picks: The Top 100 Games, Part V - Article

by Evan Norris , posted on 31 January 2018 / 4,021 Views

We're finally here. It's the fifth and final part of "VGChartz Staff Picks: The Top 100 Games." I hope you enjoyed reading the first four parts of the list in Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV.

Before we move on, I'd like to thank Craig SnowAdam CartwrightTaneli PalolaBrandon WysockiDaniel CarrerasDamián Cruz LatorreWilliam D'Angelo, and TruckOSaurus. Without their hard work and insight, none of this would have been possible.

Enjoy the top 20!


Part V: Games 20-1


Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Top 100: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Masahiro Sakurai strikes again with another extraordinary brawler, this time with non-Nintendo guest characters. Joining regular combatants like Mario, Link, and Samus are Konami's Solid Snake and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Apart from incredibly-deep and accessible multiplayer options, Super Smash Bros. Brawl features a surprisingly-long and varied adventure mode called "The Subspace Emissary."


Shadow of the Colossus

With a PS4 remake already collecting stellar scores, Shadow of the Colossus may be on its way toward capturing the hearts of another generation of game enthusiasts, just as the PS2 original did back in 2005. Like Ico (#56), Shadow of the Colossus is a minimalist masterpiece with rich atmosphere and emotional, non-verbal storytelling. Its collection of boss fights is among the very best in any video game.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Top 100: Ocarina of Time

For the longest time the consensus pick for greatest of all time, Ocarina of Time has stumbled somewhat in recent years, with games like Super Mario Galaxy and Ocarina's own heir apparent Breath of the Wild leap-frogging it. Still, it's a masterful game, with amazing sound design, music, dungeon layouts, and time-travelling gameplay.


Super Mario Bros. 3

Top 100: Super Mario Bros. 3

Nintendo had pushed video game design forward on the NES with Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and others, but it only achieved near perfection with Super Mario Bros. 3, a platformer without equal in the 8-bit era. Intensely challenging, overwhelmingly addictive, and packed with content, it's a game for the ages.


Super Mario World

Top 100: Super Mario World

Super Mario World vs. Super Mario Bros. 3 will probably remain a source of heated debate for years to come, but most will agree both games are works of art. World introduced new environments, new levels, and unprecedented non-linearity into the series, and topped it all off with some bright graphics and a timeless soundtrack.


StarCraft: Brood War

Top 100: StarCraft

StarCraft: Brood War isn't the most revolutionary RTS game, but it may just be the best for its time. With a compelling campaign replete with unforgettable characters and story moments, deep tactical gameplay, and three distinct, perfectly-balanced factions, it became the high bar against which future strategy games would be judged. A superb multiplayer offering, including player-made custom maps, which would go on to birth one of modern gaming's most successful genres, gave it a lifespan measuring not just years but decades.


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Top 100: Super Mario Galaxy 2

For some, Galaxy 2 will always be "Galaxy 1.5," but for all its similarities to its predecessor, Galaxy 2 embraces a lot of new, creative, and challenging ideas. It doesn't modify the formula much, because, well, why would you? Instead it builds on a strong mechanical foundation, introducing new gameplay wrinkles and audacious levels along the way.


Super Mario Galaxy 

Top 100: Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy combines the freedom of 3D exploration with a specialized spherical-based platform engine that opens up new horizons and dimensions to players. It's a platforming pièce de résistance, made even more memorable by a sweetly-nostalgic story.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Top 100: A Link to the Past

It's difficult to describe a game like A Link to the Past because it's so boringly perfect. Its visuals are crisp and clean; its soundtrack bewitching; its overworld packed with secrets, dangerous monsters, and quirky characters; its dungeon and boss design world-class; and its side content vast and surprising. It's the quintessential Zelda game for a reason.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Top 100: Metal Gear Solid 3

Built around a trifecta of survival, stealth, and combat, Snake Eater stands today as arguably the best of the Metal Gear series. It inherited the superior stealth gameplay of the first two Metal Gear Solid games and matched it with new elements like camouflage, hunting, and healing. Moreover, its impressive cast of bosses remains one of the best in the genre.



Top 100: Portal

Despite its short length, Portal represents one of the most creative, quirky, and darkly humorous games ever made. Based around a portal gun that connects two points in three-dimensional space, Portal manufactures wildly-imaginative and brain-teasing puzzles for its test subj—err, players.


Metal Gear Solid

Top 100: Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid broke a lot of rules and conventions on consoles when it launched in 1998, and helped push the video game medium into new, uncomfortable places. It merged the narrative and visual stylings of cinema with the mechanical necessities of games, and articulated a sober story that reflected on the world's man-made horrors — a far cry from the cartoonish fables and legends spun before it elsewhere in the industry. 


The Last of Us

Top 100: The Last of Us

Speaking of merging cinematic storytelling and action game design, perhaps no game does it better than The Last of Us, a dystopian road trip through hell on Earth. The game's characters are real and substantial, and act immorally and selfishly as needed. On the mechanical side of things, this stealth shooter works fantastically, thanks to a nifty on-the-fly crafting system and an intuitive cover system.


Halo: Combat Evolved

Top 100: Halo Combat Evolved

Halo changed the landscape of console first-person shooters, and made Xbox a household name. So many themes and gameplay elements popularized in Halo influenced the genre: limited weapon set, rechargeable shields (rechargeable health would have to wait for Halo 2), drivable vehicles, militarism, etc. Its most noteworthy achievement is its commitment to improvised tactical firefights, a feature that would lose its primacy as the series moved forward.



Top 100: BioShock

A spiritual successor to the System Shock games, BioShock merges multiple genres into an amazing virtual experience. It manages to satisfy as a shooter, a role-playing game, an adventure, and a horror game. Most spectacular is its setting, an objectivist enclave hidden beneath the waves. 


Half-Life 2

Top 100: Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 was a technical marvel in 2004, and it's still darn impressive in 2018. The game's animations, graphics, and especially physics were cutting-edge at the time, and its environmental storytelling remains some of the best around. The one-of-a-kind adventure inside Half-Life 2 is the real star, with varied episodes that range from straight action to problem-solving to horror.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Top 100: Breath of the Wild

By looking backward in time to the original Zelda game, the development team under Eiji Aonuma made a modern masterpiece in Breath of the Wild. The team crafted a huge, living world where once again it's dangerous to go alone. Explore, fight, hunt, fish, craft, cook, talk, quest, and experiment — for as long as you want, in as many ways as you want — in Breath of the Wild.


Final Fantasy VII

Top 100: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII had an enormous impact on the games industry, but it had an even larger impact on the public perception of role-playing games. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim the game was the first mainstream RPG. It sold 10 million copies (the most of any Final Fantasy title), boosting the sales of Sony's PlayStation in the process, and is often regarded as the seminal RPG of the 90s.

Super Mario 64

Top 100: Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 gave the platform genre unprecedented freedom of movement, transitioning into three dimensions with authority. It also introduced a revolutionary camera system that allowed players to manipulate viewing angles in the game. Super Mario 64 left a lasting impression on 3D platformers and 3D action games in general, inspiring titles like GoldenEye 007 and Grand Theft Auto III.

Portal 2

Top 100: Portal 2

Like so many great sequels, Portal 2 takes a strong foundation and layers on new features and improved gameplay. The title is a significant upgrade over an already excellent game, packed with more puzzles, more interesting and varied level design, and some of the funniest writing and voice acting of any video game ever, thanks to Ellen McLain, Stephen Merchant, and J.K. Simmons. It's also the third game from Valve in the top 10 - a monumental feat.


Thank you for reading!

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ROCKY223 (on 31 January 2018)

The last of us doesn’t deserve to be here

  • +8
Flilix ROCKY223 (on 31 January 2018)

I don't really get it either, why is this game so popular? The gameplay is mediocre and the story (which is like half of the game) is generic.
Usually when I don't like a game, I can at least see why it's so popular, but in this case I really don't. Oh well, opinions I guess.

  • +1
ROCKY223 ROCKY223 (on 31 January 2018)

My assumption is because when this game came out, id say its probably the most detailed game i had ever seen and really everyone could agree its one of the best looking game ever and that its made by the people who made uncharted.Besides that and ellie i dont like a single thing in this game.Naughty dogs knows how to make graphics but they dont know how to make good gameplay at all.

  • -2
LuccaCardoso1 (on 31 January 2018)

I'd change the order of this Top 20 a little bit, but it's a great list overall! Congrats!

  • +6
Johnw1104 (on 31 January 2018)

This has been a fun, if strange list lol... The rankings have seemed odd at times (I think the small pool of voters lead to some outliers) but rarely was there a game that didn't seem like it belonged in the conversation. Pretty surprised to see Portal 2 take it, but it IS a ton of fun and the kind of game that probably has near universal appeal, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised after all :D

  • +6
Wright Johnw1104 (on 31 January 2018)

It's been fun reading your comments throughout the whole list. You always seem somewhat puzzled about them, yet still accept the list at it is. :P

  • +4
Johnw1104 Johnw1104 (on 31 January 2018)

lol I never really got a feel for exactly how they were ranking their games (legacy/contextual greatness/current greatness etc), but very rarely was their a game that didn't look like it belonged so it hardly seemed worth getting upset about.

  • 0
golfgt170 (on 31 January 2018)

Well tbh, i think no one can disagree that these are such masterpieces, that even the number they got in this countdown, is irrelevant. This top 20, makes me proud to be a gamer!

  • +6
Azzanation (on 31 January 2018)

Quote "It's also the third game from Valve in the top 10 - a monumental feat." 3rd Game, From Valve, Top 10? Did they just tease a Half Life 3?

  • +5
Machina (on 31 January 2018)

Batten down the hatches guys.

  • +5
SuperNintend0rk (on 31 January 2018)

You ranked Brawl as the top Smash Bros game?! Blasphemy I say!!

  • +4
xMetroid (on 31 January 2018)

Nice top. No bad games just a different ordet depending on your taste:)

  • +4
WoodenPints (on 31 January 2018)

Well Broodwar is at #15 so this is a good list.

  • +4
Chazore (on 31 January 2018)

Brood War, hell's yeah!.

Wasn't expecting Portal to be #1, which comes as a nice surprise. I was expecting something Japanese earning the top spot on here.

  • +4
Kaneman! (on 31 January 2018)

I should really play more games, the only ones in the Top 20 I played are both Portals and StarCraft.

  • +1
VGPolyglot (on 31 January 2018)

I actually just finished playing the co-op for Portal 2 on the weekend! It was pretty interesting.

  • +1
TranceformerFX (on 01 February 2018)

Finally, an article that gives FF7 the position it deserves. Though putting Portal 2 at number 1 feels like excessive vanity...

  • 0
BraLoD (on 31 January 2018)

flips table

  • 0
Azzanation (on 31 January 2018)

I am disappointed that one of my favourite games of all time Homeworld did not make the top100 list... if it did can someone correct me haha
Also I would swap Half Life 2 with Portal 2 but all good. Great list just not in order :P

  • 0
Machina Azzanation (on 31 January 2018)

I was sad about that too, both Homeworlds were high on my list.

  • 0
caffeinade (on 31 January 2018)

Good job, guys.

Well BotW is a fair bit too high, but whatever.

  • 0
caffeinade caffeinade (on 31 January 2018)

Half-Life (1) was snubbed.
What a shame.

  • -1
caffeinade caffeinade (on 31 January 2018)

Oh come on.
BotW is a really good game: it represents the future of game design.

It isn't the 4th best game ever made.
Probably somewhere around the 15 - 25 mark.

  • -2
Flilix caffeinade (on 31 January 2018)

It is the 4th best game ever made. Not 3rd, not 5th, not 25th. It's 4th.

  • -2
gigaSheik (on 31 January 2018)

This list is garbage.

  • 0
GOWTLOZ (on 31 January 2018)

This list has way too many games from the same one or two series not even in the right order and with the wrong games in the series. Devil May Cry but no Devil May Cry 3, no God of War despite its influence on action games, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne all being too low, Batman Arkham games also being too low, no Tekken and soulcalibur despite their influence on fighting games, no Gran Turismo which started a whole genre of games. I'm not feeling this list at all. The staff here has a very limited and particular taste and isn't fit to make a list like this for such a prominent website.

  • -1
Veknoid_Outcast GOWTLOZ (on 31 January 2018)

SoulCalibur is #42. About the "limited" taste: 547 unique games were submitted by nine different members. Only one game appeared on all nine lists. These were incredibly diverse and different lists. I appreciate your enthusiasm for your favorite games, but just because this list doesn't conform to your personal expectations doesn't mean VGChartz staff are somehow lacking in taste or experience.

  • +1
GOWTLOZ GOWTLOZ (on 31 January 2018)

Missed that but even with this supposedly diverse list certain game series have been over represented while other prominent ones are underrepresented. My personal taste has nothing to do with this, God of War, Gran Turismo, Tekken and Demon's Souls are landmark games that created or revolutionised new genres of gaming and that can't be argued either. To have none of those but 50 different platformers is a travesty and speaks of the limited tastes of the staff here. Peace.

  • 0
Ka-pi96 (on 31 January 2018)

Some good games in there. Some that I really don't think deserve a place that high though.

Halo stands out for me. Personally I found 2 and 3 to be significantly better than the original. The first Halo game had so many flaws, especially the boring repetitve levels which is something that wasn't really an issue in the later Halo games. It was possible more influential being the start of the franchise, but as for how good the game itself was I think it's easily the weakest entry (haven't played 5 yet though).

Then Portal seems pretty out of place too. I didn't really rate those games at all. Fun little games sure, but not something I'd buy as a standalone (The Orange Box FTW!), and definitely not something I'd put in a list like this. But for both of them to make the top 10? And only a single FF game in the top 20? WTF?

  • -3
Ka-pi96 Ka-pi96 (on 31 January 2018)

That came out much more wall of texty than I wrote it... :(

  • +2
Azzanation Ka-pi96 (on 31 January 2018)

I wasn't a huge fan of Halo 1 either, it was 3 which should have taken its spot, however we cannot ignore its a masterpiece for its time for what it did for console shooters. It is considered by many there greatest game they ever played and also made the Video game Hall of Fame, so this is where it all comes down to opinions. Portal 2 to me isn't better than Half Life 2 either.

  • +6
m0ney (on 31 January 2018)
  • -6
CaptainExplosion (on 31 January 2018)
  • -16