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Minecraft Sales Pass 7M for the PC, 10M Combined - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 August 2012 / 5,363 Views

Daniel Kaplan, Majong's business development director, has tweeted that the PC version of Minecraft has sold more than seven million units. Other stats include 37.5 million total registered users and sales of 14,000 units in the last 24 hours as of this writing.

This news comes less than a month after the Xbox Live Arcade version of the game passed three million units sold. The game was the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade game when it first released and selling one million units in just five days. The game also in less than one month sold more than two million units to become the best selling Xbox Live Arcade game of all time.

With all version combined Minecraft has sold more than 10 million units to date.

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man-bear-pig (on 14 August 2012)


  • +2
goddog (on 13 August 2012)

woot, a deceptively addicting game.

  • +1
Argh_College (on 13 August 2012)

such a beast

  • +1
C-M-D (on 13 August 2012)

Well deserved :)

  • +1
JazzB1987 (on 14 August 2012)

Too bad Notch didnt even make 50% of the game he promised. Compare the list of things he promised for the game to have when it hits 1.0 to the stuff that 1.0 actually had.

  • 0
CChaos (on 13 August 2012)

There was also a mention before that the Pocket version (iOS and Android) has sold something like several million as well, though I can't find the link again, unfortunately. Amazing numbers all around.

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kljesta64 (on 14 August 2012)

please ppl dont play this game for the sake of gaming. thank you for playing :/

  • -1
shakarak (on 13 August 2012)

Just goes to show you how much of a powerhouse PC is.

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