Capcom Profits $30.7m in the December 2011 Quarter - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 02 February 2012 / 3,837 Views

Capcom's latest quarterly results are in, this time for the nine months to December 2011. Previously, Capcom reported that in the six months to September 2011, the company had generated revenue of 29.25b Yen with a profit of 906m Yen. Through nine months, Capcom profit grew to 3.24b Yen ($42.6m) on nine month revenue of 50.27b Yen ($660m). Based on the nine-month data, the company had revenue of 21.02b Yen ($276.2m) and a profit of 2.336b Yen ($30.7m) in the three months to December 2011.

Revenue declined 29% in the first nine months of the fiscal year, with profit down 53%.

Capcom previously expected revenue to reach 86b ($1.13b) in the year to March 2012, with a profit of 7b Yen ($92.0m). The forecast was not modified in light of the newest financial data.

For the fiscal year to date, Capcom is pleased with the performances of the following titles:

- Monster Hunter Portable 3G (3DS) - 1.1m

- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (X360, PS3, Vita)

- Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (X360, PS3)

Street Fighter for 3DS also passed 1m units shipped in the quarter according to Capcom's platinum hits page.

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bmmb1 (on 02 February 2012)

You've got MH 3G numbers wrong, it's 1.2m shipped as of December 31st (look in the link you provided, tab no. 4)

Panama (on 02 February 2012)

It's pleased with Ultimate Marvel? So is it actually undertracked on here or am I missing something?

axumblade (on 02 February 2012)

I wouldn't imagine it cost much to make so it could have easily turned a profit.

  • +1
KylieDog (on 02 February 2012)

Some asked about the sales on Capcom Unity and linked here, Svens response was 'lol'.

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vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 02 February 2012)

They really need to update those UMvC3 numbers in here.

vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 02 February 2012)


BasilZero (on 02 February 2012)

I heard that Ultimate MvsC3 sold bad, yet its a positive sales figure for them? I'm planning to get it though. Didnt know about Dead Rising 2, is that a enhanced version?