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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 15 August 2011 / 1,941 Views

Guillermo del Toro, acclaimed director tells us that inSANE will not be available for many more years, also that it will be a sandbox styled game. Check out a video interview after the link.

Zombie Duck Hunt developer Broken Thumbs settles with the Federal Trade Comission over allegations that it collected personal information about children without requiring parental consent.

Here’s a Gears of War 3 dev diary.

Police arrested “good Samaritan” who stole PSP, failed to bring him to me so I could punch him in the face. But he’s still arrested, which is good.

EVE: Online is rife with villainy, which is just an accepted part of the experience.

Lyle Hall and Matthew Seymour from Heavy Iron Studios don’t expect the PS Vita to sell well (car wreck).

No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise and El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron will release this week.

Shadows of the Damned has new preorder bonuses in the form of a digital copy of the soundtrack and an adult magazine featuring Carcia’s girlfriend. Big names in voice animation will feature Tadanobu Asano as Garcia and Chiaki Kuriyama as Paula.

Pre-ordering Battlefield 3 on Origins (probably) gets you one of three free games. I say probably because so far our only source is one email, we’ve contacted Electronic Arts for comment.

ICO and Shadow of the Collosus HD collection get new bonus content (among other things, a Last Guardian video) and trophy information today.

Assembly Summer 2011, a four-day event celebrating visual computer demos, is over, check the link for the winners and some impressive visuals. Archives include demos from the ancient past, like 1992.

Here are screenshots of Rockstar’s new PS3 game, Agent.

Vidrhythm is the first in-house iOS game developed by Harmonix. Gamasutra also explores some other super secretive Harmonix projects.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked has a demon auction, and there’s a video explaining how it works.

Valve gives us the first trailer for DOTA2. Here are more video blips featuring Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham City, a Deus Ex: Human Revolution TV ad and Just Dance 3. Here’s a seven-minute video explaining Hard Reset. Here’s an English version of Pokemon: Rumble Blast, and 3DS game Heroes of Ruin.

We also learn today that Dance Central almost got its own hardware.

Here’s Capcom’s Seth Killian talking Street Fighter X Tekken and UMvC3. Here’s a new trailer with gameplay and new characters: Ibuki, Kuma, Hugo, and Raven.

Is PrimeSense the next big thing for smart TV’s?

IGF Chair talks about “games clones.” (theft)

Brink dev says launch was rough.

Supergirl crosses comic book lines and is now Spider-Man’s Mary Jane.

OnLive says their dev revenue is split 60/40.

Here’s the MLB: The Show challenge of the week.

These are this week’s most popular paid and free iOS apps.

To The Moon gets a trailer, which causes us to question video games and art once again.

Lens of Truth analyzes Duke Nukem Forever.

We also have new details about Planetside 2.

SEGA officially says which games will be at PAX Prime 2011

These are the winners of the Dare to be Digital contest.

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