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Xbox Working on an AI Chatbot

Xbox Working on an AI Chatbot - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 April 2024 / 4,286 Views

Microsoft is working on an AI-powered chatbot for Xbox that will be used to automate support tasks, according to sources who spoke with The Verge and confirmed by Microsoft.

The sources stated Microsoft is testing an "embodied AI character" that animates when responding to Xbox support queries. This is part of an effort inside the company to apply AI to the Xbox platform and services.

The report from The Verge says "the Xbox AI chatbot is connected to Microsoft’s support documents for the Xbox network and ecosystem, and can respond to questions and even process game refunds from Microsoft’s support website." 

"We are testing an Xbox Support Virtual Agent, an internal prototype of an animated character that can query Xbox Support topics with voice or text," reads a statement from Haiyan Zhang, the general manager of gaming AI at Xbox, sent to The Verge.

"The prototype makes it easier and quicker for players to get help with support topics using natural language, taking information from existing Xbox Support pages."

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VAMatt (on 02 April 2024)

All of the major video game platforms have crap customer service. AI can only make it better.

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JRPGfan (on 02 April 2024)

Profit margins.... this is also part of why Xbox UI and Game translations suck.... its all done by like google translate, instead of real people. If your expecting things to get better once a AI starts doing customer support.... I wouldn't. This is just a way to reduce costs of the company. Watch the same thing happend with games, as graphics designers start getting fired.

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CosmicSex (on 02 April 2024)

So, one would ask why they don't using AI to do DLSS style upsampling. Why use it to make a Chatbox? Well, consider the following:

The Xbox Series X has 47 TOP of AI power. This puts it just below a 2060. This also implies that Microsoft could add in upscaling to the Series X. For comparison, The PS5 has 0 (as far as I know) and the PS5 Pro has 300 TOPs which puts it between a 3090 and a 3090 TI. Interestingly enough, DLSS works fine on a 2060 with 52 TOPs. So, it is at least curious why Microsoft picks an AI chatbot to just the power of the Series X.

I think whats more likely is that Microsoft was banking on AMD to present some sore of AI assisted FSR a la PSSR. But we know how far behind AMD is in terms of AI compared to Nvidia. Perhaps Microsoft just wanted to say that some sort of AI was running on Xbox and this is their ticket. I don't know why anyone would want to talk to their Xbox but at least they can brag about it and for Microsoft, I think bragging rights is the most important thing.

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CosmicSex CosmicSex (on 02 April 2024)

Edit. Nevermind. Its an AI powered chatbox for support that smiles at you. For the actual love of GOD. This is the worst possible case scenario. They are about to fire a ton of people. Of all the cool things AI can do, Microsoft decides to use it to get ride of human jobs.

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haxxiy CosmicSex (on 02 April 2024)

This isn't going to be run locally, so the Xbox hardware is irrelevant in that regard.

An upscaler like DLSS runs on local hardware because it needs to encode in real-time with very low latency, and it takes only a few frames at a time for inference (so <100 MB vs. 100 GB+ of data for a model like GPT-3).

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G2ThaUNiT (on 02 April 2024)

For......what purpose? lol

  • 0
Mozart1511 G2ThaUNiT (on 02 April 2024)

To increase profit margins, reduce jobs, improve customer service, pay less labor charges, since there will be no more attendants, in short, reduce costs, maximize profits and optimize processes.

If you are young, you should seriously consider your desired profession as it can be replaced by artificial intelligence. The company is not wrong, but it is something sad.

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Machiavellian G2ThaUNiT (on 02 April 2024)

The same thing as we use it today. Either to automate task, find stuff or do stuff we want. Will depend on how good the integration is.

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EpicRandy (on 02 April 2024)

I would better they work on AI to integrate in game for better and dynamic NPC interaction.
Like devs would give NPC backgrounds, Common & specific knowledge, relation with other NPC which they would use to generate answer for players etc... instead of giving them the standard list of choice.

  • -1
Machiavellian EpicRandy (on 02 April 2024)

Who is it to say they are not. An AI chat bot is probably way easier and further along than dynamic AI in a video game. I believe such a thing would need to be built from the ground up within a game which probably will not be the case with a lot of games already to far along to take advantage of it.

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EpicRandy Machiavellian (on 02 April 2024)

Yeah, I'm not really seeing this as one or the other either, just wanted to divert the discussion from what is a boring implementation of AI to one I would find pretty neat.

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