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Weird Gaming News, March 2022

Weird Gaming News, March 2022 - Article

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 31 March 2022 / 2,554 Views

March is when the clocks go back over here in the UK; this confuses everyone and seems to exist solely to annoy people. But we can cheer up with some weird news! There seems to be a weird fetish theme this month, and Doom is back!


Japanese Elden Ring Players Confused by Memes

Many Elden Ring fans were pretty quick to hop onto the Dark Souls tradition of leaving behind troll and meme messages using pre-set words and phrases that other players can read.

The limited number of words and phrases of course means that players have to be a little creative with their messages if they want to add a dash of humour. So things like 'Fortnite' have become 'Fort' and 'Night', which had some players running around looking for secrets at night in the game's numerous forts.

My favourite part of all this is that the Japanese playerbase seems to have spent a considerable amount of time trying to decipher 'Try fingers' and 'but hole'.

Most of the confusion seems to stem from words being directly translated, and simple translators like Google Translate don’t really cut it (actually that’s the reason why I failed French). Added to this of course are the cultural differences.

Sources: GameRantGamesRadar


Sony Hates Kats

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun. PlayStation recently celebrated Women’s Day with a promo image for PlayStation games with female leads and major supporting characters:

But they updated the original image and removed both Kat and the wonderful Sackgirl, leaving fans a little confused. Sony does seem to have an issue with Gravity Rush.


VRChat Police Corruption

The LPD (Loli Police Department), not to be confused with the LAPD, has been up to some dirty tricks on VRChat, according to The Byte.

Apparently they head up to people and initiate a role-play, pretending to be police and sometimes even making 'arrests'.

But it turns out they've been planting false evidence in the metaverse, such as drugs.

The LPD also gets its fair share of flack from ACAB activists... and I assume LPD role-players get a lot of flack from pretty much every other VRChat user too.


Hey! A Beedle Foursome!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is loved by millions of people, although less so by me. But I did love Beedle! Beedle, for those who aren't familiar with the character, is a travelling merchant who has appeared in numerous Zelda titles.

Now, Breath of the Wild has a pretty big map, so many fans have wondered how Beedle could get around so quickly. One user even set out to discover how this was possible. After 10 hours of running Link into them they discovered the reason:

Yes, it turns out Beedle is actually Beedles - there are four of them! And someone spent 10 hours bringing them together.

Source: NintendoWire


 SpongeBob Doom

In this article series we've covered Doom being playable on a variety of devices, but this month we're featuring a Doom mod that takes us under the sea.

The mod is called The Bikini Bottom Massacre and follows the SpongeBob character Squidward, who has just been fired from his job. It features 13 levels, which all take place around Bikini Bottom, and includes areas like Glove World and The Krusty Krab. If you're interested in playing it you can find out more over at DoomWorld.


Oh God, Furry Controllers

Microsoft has outdone itself this time, creating some furry custom controllers to celebrate the launch of the film Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

Along with the controllers there's also a console up for grabs, which in my opinion looks half decent. The controllers, however, look like something out of a furry’s wet dream.

You’ll be pleased to hear that you can’t actually buy these items - they're only obtainable through a sweepstakes competition.

Source: Xbox


Be sure to come back in April to see me get all confused trying to sort out the April Fool's jokes from the actual weird news. In the meantime, you can check out February's Weird Gaming News article here; it covers the story of how Wordle helped end a kidnapping, GAME UK's domestic abuse joke, and much more.

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The Beedles, a family older than the Hyrulean Royal Family, seem to be thriving in post-apocalyptic Hyrule.

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ireadtabloids (on 31 March 2022)

There’s more Beedles. The person who did it attempted going for a fifth Beedle, but they accidentally de-spawned. Fun little NPC challenge and the footage of the four of them is great.

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