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Weird Gaming News, February 2022

Weird Gaming News, February 2022 - Article

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 28 February 2022 / 1,234 Views

February is usually a pretty dull month; the joy of Christmas has worn off and there's little to look forward to on the horizon, but there's usually a game release or two to help us get through. This year those titles were probably either Elden Ring or Horizon Forbidden West, but for me the main joy is that I can finally upgrade my internet from ADSL. It’s only taken 5 years.

Anyway, let’s kick off the weird news.


Guitar Hero Legend Cheated for Five Years

A world renowned Guitar Hero player, Schmooey, who was frequently hailed as one of the best Guitar Hero players ever, uploaded a video at the end of last year that ended up being his downfall.

The YouTube video below tells the full story, but the TL;DW is that Schmooey used Clone Hero to slow the songs down, then sped the recording of himself playing up. Unfortunately for him some eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the actions on the video didn't even hit all of the notes and this ultimately resulted in other skilled Guitar Hero players proving that Schmooey hadn't just cheated on one video but had been doing so for years.

The YouTuber has since made an apology, agreed to give back any prize money he’s raked in over the years, and left the Guitar Hero community.



I’ve never actually eaten in a McDonald's, and I have no intention to start doing so now, even if the company is going to try selling its food to me via the virtual world.

McDonald's has registered a trademark for a virtual restaurant in the MetaVerse. It looks as though you'll be able to order McDonald's products via the MetaVerse and get them delivered both virtually and in real life.

This is actually a pretty standard thing to do marketing-wise (look at where the customer spends their time, and try to reach them via that medium), but in this case it reeks of someone in corporate not entirely understanding what the MetaVerse is, much like Gabe Newell recently pointed out.


Wordle Stops a Kidnapping

There are two things I know old people like: cookies and routine. So when 80 year old Denyse Holt failed to complete her usual routine of sending out her Wordle puzzle, her family knew something was wrong.

Holt spent 17 hours trapped in her home with a man who behaved erratically and finally locked her in her cellar. When Holt’s daughter didn’t get her Wordle puzzle, she asked the police to complete a wellness check, which resulted in local SWAT arresting the kidnapper.

The good news here is that Holt was physically unharmed, although she certainly went through a traumatising ordeal.

Sources: CBS Chicago via Kotaku


Game's Valentine's Day Domestic Abuse Joke

Ah, Valentine’s day, the day of the year we all either absolutely love or hate. Some of us use it to celebrate love, others use it to rip on card companies. Either way, you probably weren’t posting jokes about domestic violence. Not so UK Retailer GAME, which ended up in hot water over the following Tweet:

Now, I’m a bit crap at humour (I’ve read your comments), but I like to think if I’m ever given professional control over anything high profile I won't screw up quite so badly as the Game staffer who thought this joke would go down well. As many users at the time pointed out, Valentine's day and the Super Bowl (which took place on the 14th and 13th of February, respectively), often result in a spike in domestic abuse reports.

It was already a complete mystery that GAME is still around on the high street, now it's almost as if the company is begging to be put out of its misery.

Sources: A Now-Deleted Tweet, Eurogamer


Necrophilia Dating Sim?

There's currently a rumour going around that Dead By Daylight is due to get a dating sim spin-off. A recent trademark suggests the spin-off is called "Hooked On You".

It's the sort of rumour you'd usually dismiss, but last year Dead By Daylight players were given surveys to complete that included the question "If Dead By Daylight characters were licensed into other games, which genre would you be most interested in?". Naturally, people replied "Dating Sim".

This is likely to end up being some weird marketing thing, but I’m hyped if it's real.

Sources: Trademark Office via PCGamesN


Stop Using ARMA 3 Footage for Actual Wars

This has actually happened before, back in September 2021. Arma 3 footage was used then in a propaganda campaign by media outlets in India to prove that Pakistan was bombing Afghanistan. At the time, the developers at Bohemia Interactive said the following in response to questions from media outlets:

"Strangely, we've seen this particular game footage be used several times by certain media outlets in support of their real-life news coverage.  We know this because we've been previously approached regarding similar occurrences by fact-checkers from organizations such as Agence France-Presse, Check Your Fact, PolitiFact, and if I remember correctly, also Reuters."

As you can probably guess by now, this time scenes from the game were used that claimed to be footage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The videos, which largely spread through Facebook and Twitter, have since been taken down, although I imagine more will pop up in the days and weeks to come.

Sources: Bloomberg via PcGamer


Gamer Nut Butter

I wanted to end on something more light-hearted than literal war, so here we are. Jobbie (a peanut butter company) and Zotac (a PC parts manufacturer) have teamed up to create a peanut butter especially for gamers.

Like all of these gimmick foods, the ingredients have apparently been specially chosen to enhance your gaming. They include blueberries, which are apparently good for your eyes, and strawberries, which enhance your reaction time, obviously.

Sources: Jobbie via NintendoLife


That’s all for this month. I think that ends a six month combo of Doom showing up on a new device! Sorry it was mostly quite gloomy - if you want something to laugh at instead check out last month’s weird news here.

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Jaicee (on 28 February 2022)

The weirdest thing to me here is that you've never eaten at McDonald's before. I suspect you're not an American, and if you are one then your citizenship is hereby revoked.

  • +1
Machina Jaicee (on 28 February 2022)

It's definitely pretty strange to have not at least tried McDonald's - they're all over the place here (he lives in the UK).

  • +1
CaptainExplosion (on 02 March 2022)

Whoever thought that domestic abuse joke was ok, ESPECIALLY on Valentine's Day, can fuck themselves.

  • 0