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Weird Gaming News, January 2022

Weird Gaming News, January 2022 - Article

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 31 January 2022 / 1,503 Views

That’s a wrap on January. The year has kicked off in the weird news department with one huge take over and a bunch of weird Final Fantasy stories. Seriously, it's like a Final Fantasy special!


Official Final Fantasy Nail Clippers Launch

You’re a reader who likes to take care of themselves, right? (well, you’re not really - I’ve met VGChartz readers and some of you guys are gross!). Well apparently Square Enix think there’s an uncatered demographic of Final Fantasy fans who care about the branding on the nail clippers they use.

The Final Fantasy XIV nail clippers have the fat cat minion stamped on them, so really they’re really trying to capture two demographics - Final Fantasy fans and crazy cat people.

Sources: GameWatch via Siliconera


Sephiroth Nipples

An artist that runs a shop called Fantasy Toys has created a 1:1 scale bust of Sephiroth. It’s impressive work, but mostly drew attention because it has nipples.

Perhaps what's strangest about this is that his nipples look more realistic than mine. This particular bust isn’t for sale, but there are heaps more, ranging from Dante to Tifa, so there’s almost certainly one you'll like. To do whatever you want with.... No, not that.

Sources: Fantasy Toys via Kotaku


Tifa at the Italian Senate

Yes, we’re covering that news. This is the last piece of Final Fantasy news for now though.

Giorgio Parisi, a Nobel Prize winner of physics, hosted a talk at the Italian Senate, which was widely live streamed. This of course meant it was primed for someone to go in and surprise everyone. Enter one Alex Spence, who streamed a video of Tifa Lockhart getting rammed.

Of course the pencil neck officials over in Italy have removed the video. But I wouldn’t be worth my salt if I couldn't find a copy of the video for you here, courtesy of website IFLS and Twitter user Ducktor Naldush.


Doom on a Rotary Phone

Every month someone somehow manages to get Doom to run on a random object; we’ve had fridges, a pregnancy test and, now, a rotary phone.

To be clear, this time the game is only using the phone as a controller, but it wouldn’t be a weird news month without Doom working with something random. I did want to explain how it works but I don't understand how to use rotary phones; I spent about 20 minutes in Edinburgh Zoo once trying to work it out at a kid's exhibit, to little success it must be said.

It does beg the question, what should be played next on a rotary phone?

Source: Reddit


UK Government Covid Test E-mails Launch Plague Inc.

In the UK, if you want to pick up free lateral flow tests you'll receive an e-mail with a QR code that you need to show at your local pharmacy.

But if you have Plague Inc. installed on your Android device, instead of opening up the QR code it was launching the game.

Fortunately GameByte tested the e-mail and found you're still able to collect your tests despite this, so that’s good at least.


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