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Epic Games Appealing Decision Made in Case Against Apple

Epic Games Appealing Decision Made in Case Against Apple - News

by Craig Snow , posted on 13 September 2021 / 1,191 Views

Epic Games is appealing the ruling made in the company's recent case against Apple.

The judge in that case, judge Yvonne Gonzales Rogers, did find that Apple has to allow apps to link to external payment options, but otherwise ruled against Epic Games on nine out of the ten counts the company made against Apple.

Crucially, she ruled that Epic Games was in breach of its contract when a Fortnite patch introduced direct payments, avoiding the 30% commission Apple takes on all transactions (which amounted to more than $12 million in just one quarter last year).

As a result Epic Games is set to take the matter to the US Court of Appeals in a bid to overturn the ruling and has now filed a notice of appeal.

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scrapking (on 13 September 2021)

I'm sorry to say Epic, obvious contract breach is obvious.

You can say you did it in protest of Apple's policies. But you signed a contract with Apple, and then breached it, so you shouldn't be surprised when the court comes to that conclusion.

This isn't to support Apple. I'd say BOTH Apple and Epic are in the wrong. Apple for ridiculous policies (that they sometimes only enforce for third-parties, not for their own products), and Epic for releasing something that breaches Apple's policies.

  • +7
Random_Matt (on 13 September 2021)

No one likes Epic.

  • +6
VAMatt (on 13 September 2021)

The mobile games (and all applications) industry got a big win in this case, but the Epic specific stuff didn't go their way. Still, Epic really did everyone a solid by challenging Apple on their crappy payment policies that essentially required that they get a cut of everything Epic sold to someone playing on an Apple device.

  • +5
Brimac19 (on 14 September 2021)

Epic is definitely in the wrong here and I’m sure Microsoft isn’t happy with this ruling either! Both would love to skirt the rules!!!

  • +4
Ayla (on 13 September 2021)

fuck off epic

  • +3