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Weird Gaming News, July 2020

Weird Gaming News, July 2020 - Article

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 03 August 2020 / 2,199 Views

We've survived July, where most gamers were either ripping up Mongolians in Ghost of Tsushima or paper in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Xbox Games Pass also gave us Yakuza Kiwami 2 to enjoy too, and if you’re usually an Xbox-only kind of person then I strongly encourage you to give the Yakuza series a try. Now for the weird and unusual news of the past month.


Taiwanese Police Use Animal Crossing to Return a Switch

Kicking off with something a little heart -warming, over in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, someone used an ATM to withdraw some cash and left his Nintendo Switch on top of the machine before wandering off.

Eventually, a stranger found the device and handed it into the police, but neither party had any means for identifying the owner... until the police found an Animal Crossing: New Horizons cartridge in the console and powered it up.

They then sent out postcards with the police station's address and phone number on it to all of his friends in game, and sure enough one of them knew who the owner was and was able to reunite them with their Switch.

Source: BBC News


Sims 4 Reality Competition TV Show Released

I'm a huge fan of trash TV, and last month EA mashed my favourite TV genre with one of my favourite games. The Sims 4 Spark’d is a game show where players create stories and complete challenges in The Sims 4, with contestants standing to win $100,000.

Judges include EA Producer Dave Miotke, Tayla Prax (who does some of the voice work in The Sims series), a musician, and a Buzzfeed streamer.

Source: The Sims 4 Spark’d


F-Zero Twitter Posts Porn

Hopes were raised last month when an F-Zero Twitter account popped up. The account used a similar name pattern to other Nintendo IPs on Twitter, and was activated back in March but hadn't posted anything until last month.

When the account finally did post, it posted a porno link. Nintendo fans haven’t quite given up hope yet, though; some believe that the account was simply hacked and that we may still see another F Zero game in the near future or... well, one day, hopefully.

Source: Screenrant


Nintendo America Tried to Give Pikachu Breasts

Pokemon is a household name nowadays - pretty much everyone at least knows the name. But back when Nintendo was first trying to appeal to the American market, the staff at Nintendo America had some unique PR ideas. Amongst other things they thought that instead of red and green, the game names should be red and blue – to match the colours of the American flag. That’s not too crazy, but this part is: they believed that in order to appeal to a more adult demographic they should put breasts on Pikachu.

The news comes from the CEO of the Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara, who said the following:

“The staff in America submitted their ideas for replacement designs, but we just couldn’t believe the kind of stuff they were proposing. They turned Pikachu into something like a tiger with huge breasts. It looked like a character from the musical Cats. When I asked "how is this supposed to be Pikachu?" they said "Well look, there’s its tail right there" ... Seriously, that was the kind of stuff being proposed.”

Source: Nintendo Life 

That wraps up this month’s round-up! I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, feel free to check out June 2020’s weird news.

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CaptainExplosion (on 04 August 2020)

I can't believe they tried giving Pikachu tits. XD

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COKTOE (on 03 August 2020)

I really enjoyed the fake F-Zero account. I mean l, it did the trick in making me laugh.

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