Phil Spencer Thanks Fans for PC Support, 'More Work to Do'

Phil Spencer Thanks Fans for PC Support, 'More Work to Do' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 August 2020 / 1,273 Views

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer via Twitter has thanked the gaming community and fans for their support on PC. 

Microsoft has mainly been focused on releasing games on their Xbox consoles over the years. However, they have begun to support PC more in recent years by releasing Xbox Game Pass for PC and releasing their games on the Microsoft Store on day one. 

The company has even released several of their games on Steam with Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, and the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The games quickly became Steam top sellers. Halo Infinite will also be getting a Steam release at launch.

"I wanted to thank the community for the support on PC," said Spencer. "We made statements like this a few times over the years and the skeptical responses were earned.

"More work to do but the support we are seeing through Xbox Game Pass for PC and Steam team right now is really great, thanks."

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Mr Puggsly (on 01 August 2020)

This latest run on PC gaming has likely exceeded expectations. Its for two reasons 1) They're putting everything on PC at launch. 2) They are giving PC gamers stuff they enjoy. MS's support was too random, or limited support to B tier titles.

Locknuts (on 01 August 2020)

Game Pass Ultimate is amazing! I'll probably end up getting a Series X eventually, but in the meantime I can still enjoy the latest Xbox games on my PC.

zero129 (on 02 August 2020)

Keep up the good work MS. Its about time you came back to the platform that built you.

TheTitaniumNub (on 02 August 2020)

Thanks for porting your games to Steam fam

Fight-the-Streets (on 02 August 2020)

And why exactly doe they need an Xbox? GamePass alone is sufficient, let it be accessible on every PC platform - to whom exactly you want to sell an Xbox?

Trunkin (on 02 August 2020)

There are dozens of manufacturers selling Windows laptops and tablets, and they put their premier software suite (Office) on the competing platforms of Mac, iOS and Android, yet they still sell millions of Surfaces every year.

Basically, I'm saying there are ways to sell your platform beyond just locking software and services behind it. This is a direction that m$ as a whole has been going for a while, and it seems to be working for them.

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