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Best Platformer of 2015

Best Platformer of 2015 - Article

by Brent Galietti , posted on 07 January 2016 / 4,424 Views

The platformer is a crown jewel among the different genres of video gaming. As you probably already know, it was Super Mario Bros. that captivated a nation and created the first huge gaming boom. Ever since then, video games have continued to grow, becoming one of the biggest entertainment mediums in the world.

And even as the industry grows and branches out into different areas, with new and exciting games that never could have been imagined decades ago, the platformer is still remembered fondly by many for its impact. This year, like most years, Nintendo created strong entrants in the genre it made world-renowned. But it faced stern competition from the outside...


The Nominees:

Super Mario Maker


Yoshi's Woolly World

Ori and the Blind Forest

OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood

And the Winner is...

Ori and the Blind Forest

Community's Choice - Super Mario Maker (41% of the votes)

Ori and the Blind Forest has plenty of platforming challenges, but what really sets it apart from the competition is how it mixes playstyles. It includes moments of intense combat, puzzle solving, Metroid-vania style growth and exploration and meshes these seamlessly with the traditional run and jump of the genre.

To top it off, the visual style is beautiful - a tapestry of emotion in motion - and the storyline is simple yet emotional. Ori and the Blind Forest is a platformer, yes, but it's the entirety of this package that makes it so fun and so impactful, and that's how Ori won our Best Platformer of 2015 award.

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97alexk (on 07 January 2016)

I actually thought Super Mario Maker would be number 1, Because you can make your own Mario courses and such.

  • +6
QUAKECore89 (on 07 January 2016)

Still love Super Mario Maker. :P

  • +6
Nautilus (on 07 January 2016)

Personaly I would have given the award to Super Mario Maker, but Ori is a worthy award winner too.Congratulations!

  • +4
Shikamo (on 07 January 2016)

Ori is a fantastic game of course but I think mario maker was more deserving of the award, Congratz Ori

  • +4
chakkra (on 07 January 2016)

I gotta say that I haven't play any of these games (and I don't think I ever will since I'm not much of a 2D platformer guy) but from I've seen so far, I'm almost 100% sure that I would enjoy Ori and the Blind Forest the most.

  • +2
Hynad (on 07 January 2016)

Most deserving title on that list of nominees.

Such a wonderfully crafted game, and the studio's first, no less. Can't wait for what they have in store for their next game.

  • +2
POE Hynad (on 07 January 2016)

Did you play the other game son the list?

  • 0
Hynad Hynad (on 07 January 2016)

Yes, I did. Unlike you. xD

  • 0
Arfen (on 07 January 2016)

Yoshi'si Woolly World is my personal choice! Deserves more recognition and it is a wonderful game! !

  • +1
DevilRising (on 07 January 2016)

Yoshi takes the cake man. Mario Maker is good, but it's a level editor, not much of a game on it's own.

  • +1
Goodnightmoon (on 08 January 2016)

So the comunity choice is Super Mario Maker but the winner is Ori, Why? Who gives the awards? Ori is a a fantastic game, but is extremely short and is not really a platformer, is a metroidvania game, however SMM is an infinite platformer classic that will be way more remembered than Ori.

  • 0
snyps (on 07 January 2016)

I'll definitely check out pro then.

  • 0
Cloudman (on 07 January 2016)

Dang, I thought Wooly or Mario Maker would have taken it, but I think Ori is also deserving of it.

  • 0
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