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Shovel Knight Sales Top 300,000 Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 December 2014 / 7,012 Views

Developer Yacht Club Games has announced their 2D side-scrolling paltform game, Shovel Knight, sales have surpassed 300,000 units. It has taken nearly six months for the game to reach the milestone.

"Shovel Knight has surpassed 300k copies! A hearty "Thank You" to all Shovel Knight players out there!," tweeted the developer Yacht Club Games.

The game is available for the PC, Mac, Wii U, and 3DS. The game first launched for the PC, Wii U and 3DS in North America on June 26 and Europe on November 5.


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padib (on 04 December 2014)

A great games which deserves great sales.

  • +4
Rogerioandrade (on 05 December 2014)

What are those people talking about? Those are excellent numbers, so much that the developer is pleased with them. Hope more people get this game, because it´s excellent

  • +3
novasonic (on 05 December 2014)

Damn fine sales for a damn fine game.

  • +3
Barozi (on 05 December 2014)

Well sadly not all good indie games sell big numbers. For 3 platforms, 300k is pretty low, but not a disaster.

  • -3
Podings (on 05 December 2014)

These are pretty good numbers for a premium game by an indie upstart, available only on PC and Nintendo.

Doing the math, this is giving Yacht Club the funds to stay in business for quite a long time.

Sure it's not the BEST selling indie game, but it's good all things considered.

  • +2

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KingCherry (on 05 December 2014)

300,000 for PC/Mac WiiU/3DS?

So if/when this is released on X360/XB1 & PS3/PS4, in addition to the ongoing sales of the current platforms, could it potentially reach 1 mllion lifetime sales?

I hope so myself, a game with this much love and craftsmanship deserves to be played & loved by as many people as possible!

  • -5
ZTxGhost (on 05 December 2014)

lol no. If any platform would've brought it to 1 million it would've been the PC, which has the largest install base now and always.

  • -1
veritaz (on 09 December 2014)

@ZTxGhost you do realize that install base means shit to computers when it comes to game sales right? Computers have always had the largest install base but that means little if it comes to game sales where consoles are always on top by a large amount for most games That doesn't really apply to indie games though because they usually get low sales.

  • 0
Mr Puggsly (on 04 December 2014)

Lower than I expected, I thought Wii U and 3DS owners were buying this in droves.

Shame they didn't launch on Xbox and Playstation platforms as well.

  • -5