Black Ops' "Escalation" Map Pack Is Out Now

by Harry Monogenis, posted on 03 May 2011 / 3,673 Views

It's May 3. Call of Duty: Black Ops fans will know that this day marks the release of the game's Escalation Map Pack on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you didn't know this, well, you do now.

Escalation contains four brand-spankin'-new competitive multiplayer maps --those being Zoo, Convoy, Hotel and Stockpile-- as well as an all-new Zombies mode map called "Call of the Dead".

The Map Pack, which is currently only available on Xbox LIVE, was revealed by Activision on April 11, several days after retailer "GAME" accidentally published a poster of Escalation on its website -- it was taken down shortly after. 

Several videos have been released showing off Escalation, including the announcement trailer, a video giving us a "Taste of Escalation" and another trailer showing off the new "Call of the Dead" Zombies mode map.

Call of Duty: Black Ops has also become available on Xbox LIVE's Games on Demand service today.

So, who here will be purchasing Escalation? Let us know.

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DollfaceKilla (on 03 May 2011)

Black Ops: Escalation is awesome so far! A few minutes ago I came across a blog that's giving out the Escalation DLC for free! I thought it was a scam until I saw the DLC code laying in my e-mail inbox. :D I'm not sure if there's any codes left, but if you want to give it a shot, here's the site:

usrevenge (on 03 May 2011)

let see. every COD since 4 has been bad. black ops was $60 when worth $20, then they have the nerve to charge $15 for 4 maps 2 separate times... yea i'l stick to better games then COD4 during the cold war

padib (on 03 May 2011)

haha, "teabaggable" - never heard that word before but it sounds homey :)

SONYisBP (on 03 May 2011)

im dusting off the ol COD:BO box now and will be playing it after work tonight. I would like to check out the new zombie map they have been advertising. they should add a bin laden zombie that is teabaggable