Rumour: Monster Hunter 3DS Revealed

by Nicholas Taylor, posted on 04 April 2011 / 4,933 Views

According to a site called Nintendo 3DS Blog, a Monster Hunter game for the Nintendo 3DS was set to be announced on March 13th during a Fukuoka conference, but got delayed because of the calamity that hit Japan. Going by a translation of the site's source, this is what was said.

"It has been rumoured that 'Monster Hunter' will be out on the 3DS even before its launch, and has now been confirmed by an employee who works for a company which translates games from Japanese into English. 'Monster Hunter 3DS' does exist and it was originally to be announced on 13th of March in the Fukuoka conference and the 'Monster Hunter Festa 11' in many other places"

It went on to state that "But we all know that these events have been cancelled due to the recent earthquake. However, as the famous producer Yoshinori Ono has admitted that there will be many new game launches on the 3DS in the future, those who hope Monster Hunter to be on the 3DS can be looking forward to hearing this new game from the Capcom Captivate 2011 next month.”

Capcom's Captivate event is taking place between April 6th and 7th. Keep in mind that, at the moment, this should be chalked up to a very hazy rumour, at best, even though it doesn't seem all that implausible.

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Shonen (on 06 April 2011)

archbrix 1 day ago Monster Hunter AND Pokemon? Wow. Just wow. This = NGP FAIL o/

oni-link (on 05 April 2011)


oni-link (on 05 April 2011)


naznatips (on 05 April 2011)

@ teigaga It was Monster Hunter Portable 3rd running on the NGP via PSN, with a camera control added to the right stick, so a port. No new Monster Hunter titles were announced or even promised for the NGP.

teigaga (on 05 April 2011)

i think we'll see monster hunter on both 3DS and NGP but probably on NGP first. When the NGP was announced they alrready had a monster hunter game at the being demonstated on the console. Not sure whether it was a tech demo or a port...

teigaga (on 05 April 2011)

i think we'll see monster hunter on both 3DS and NGP but probably on NGP first. When the NGP was announced they alrready had a monster hunter game at the being demonstated on the console. Not sure whether it was a tech demo or a port...

BluGamer23 (on 05 April 2011)

its all over once this is confirmed!.. Id rather see MH 3D! ..

oni-link (on 05 April 2011)

MH:3DS= NGP is DOA in Japan!!!! LOL...IMHO

Roma (on 04 April 2011)

lol i posted this a few days ago in the Nintendo forums :P

archbrix (on 04 April 2011)

Monster Hunter AND Pokemon? Wow. Just wow.

Nintendogamer (on 04 April 2011)

Would be great to see it coming.

Rath (on 04 April 2011)

@Albion. Look at what drove the PSP, how can the NGP not having that advantage not make a difference?

Albion (on 04 April 2011)

NGP will be for PS3 games. MH going to 3DS is perfectly fine and wont make a diffrence. Sony wants to add software sell's of its PS3 software. They are giving up on the "Portable exclusive" Games and moving to support consule games on a Portable. Like someone said "It could have looked much better on the NGP" lol Elite Tecknologist are clueless

Zlejedi (on 04 April 2011)

Why is past tense used in title ?

pmaster4 (on 04 April 2011)

i can see it now devil jho rushing me in 3d!!!!!

irstupid (on 04 April 2011)

I'm curious in how they are going to implement street pass feature and stuff with it. be cool if you like traded raw materials in street pass, like how mii's trade puzzle pieces or something like that.

novasonic (on 04 April 2011)

Hasn't there been a thread about this in the forums for weeks already?

primogen18 (on 04 April 2011)

It'll look great as it is on the 3DS. Who cares about the extra horsepower of the NGP when itll look awesome already on nintendo's machine anyway.

kivi95 (on 04 April 2011)

Linkasf# It could be even more awesome graphically if they release it on NGP.

mushroomboy5 (on 04 April 2011)

Well, CAPCOM seem to be supporting the 3ds so I wouldn't be surprised...

calibrate` (on 04 April 2011)

Damn this would destroy NGP in Japan.

Linkasf (on 04 April 2011)

I'm a happy consumer since I would buy an NGP just for this game. Now that it's coming on a system I already bought, I can't wait to see how awesome it will be graphically and how it will be played. Do not underestimate capcom :D

kivi95 (on 04 April 2011)

Noo :( could have been so much better...., heres hopping it's just a port from MH3. But i really hope it just wont be released on the 3ds.

axt113 (on 04 April 2011)

If this is true, then NGP is dead in japan

Shonen (on 04 April 2011)

Monster Hunter 3DS - a.k.a - NGP KILLER

cromeros (on 04 April 2011)

Please, please....but may be MH Portable 3 3DS Version or... MH4????.... XD

Pavolink (on 04 April 2011)

Awww. I believe it was already revealed with some pics or any vid. It's just the rumor :(

kcoward (on 04 April 2011)

@V-rock its not that big of a difference in size. The size of it was only one problem people were complaining about anyway. They also didnt like the thumb sticks (saying it was too long), the Dpad (too hard).

V-r0cK (on 04 April 2011)

@ kcoward, which xbox controller are you talking about? the original xbox controller was super big and bulky that MS did have to change the shape and size of it.

kcoward (on 04 April 2011)

@gustave I would like to see 2 different versions on both handhelds. MH in 3D will be amazing as well as a MH on a powerful system like the NGP

gustave154 (on 04 April 2011)

wow... i really hope capcom do make another MH on the NGP if this does happen. since MH became really popular thanks to PSP... bad day for future NGP owners.

leatherhat (on 04 April 2011)

I got used to the control scheme on psp. Its no good. Its gimped.

kcoward (on 04 April 2011)

Controls is just something to get used to. People thought the Xbox controller was too big for their hands when it first came out and now those same people say its the best standard controller.

leatherhat (on 04 April 2011)

So we will continue to have a messed up control scheme.

fwap (on 04 April 2011)

"But but but HD graffix!!!..." in 3... 2... 1...

Aiddon (on 04 April 2011)

if that happens then the PSP2 is dead on arrival

pokeclaudel (on 04 April 2011)

Awesome this news just made my day

kcoward (on 04 April 2011)

I registered for an account just to approve of this message

Rath (on 04 April 2011)

If true, huge ouchies for the NGP. Monster Hunter was what really saved the PSP in the only place it really did well in.

EntilZha (on 04 April 2011)

I hope it is a new game and not just a port of MH3, only because I have already played MH3.

TheConduit (on 04 April 2011)