First images of the new Xbox 360 - News

by Brett Walton, posted on 14 June 2010 / 4,361 Views

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Wandamaximoff (on 17 June 2010)

SEXY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alby_da_Wolf (on 15 June 2010)

Not ugly, not beautiful either... Besides blending more with Kinect, what's its point?

ShadowSnake (on 15 June 2010)

Who the F*** dented my 360!?!?!

Pmac3000 (on 15 June 2010)

Looks who is brave enough to buy a launch model??

GerOhMyGosh (on 14 June 2010)

I wonder if the power supply is built in now. It looks pretty nice in my opinion, I only hope you can actually have it standing up... Would be great to not have circle scratches.

andremop (on 14 June 2010)

Now we just need a new wii!

Jedidiah-Rose (on 14 June 2010)

I earlier hastily claimed this model to look about as good as a toilet...looking on it now,it really isn't that bad.Still,games are where it's at this late in a generation,not the design of the consoles anymore.The 360 has been out for nearly 5 years where as the PS3 wasn't out for even 3 when they launched the PS3 slim.I think this is a clear attempt at getting a Slim-boost which pays off for Sony quite well even when it came to the PSP,and we all know how that sells.But I doubt this is going to have as much an impact as the PS3 slim did.

zero129 (on 14 June 2010)

After seeing this in the MS conferance i think it looks really good imo, like the glossy finish to it.

Hephaestos (on 14 June 2010)

so.... how do you transfer save data from your old 360? USB key (that would be why they allowed to use this as mem cards?)

mysticwolf (on 14 June 2010)

It looks about the same size.

Paperdiego (on 14 June 2010)

so the leaked images were true.. to bad, they could have had a better design. Good thing the built in wifi is in.. about time.

The Fury (on 14 June 2010)

Looks alright that does and after all this time finally WiFi built in instead of an extra £50...well done MS for catching up on that one. :P

Severance (on 14 June 2010)

its not that much different , just lost that curve from the old one.

d21lewis (on 14 June 2010)

I'm considering buying this in the very near future!!

Goddbless (on 14 June 2010)

I just want to know if the D-Pad on those new controllers is better.

KillerMan (on 14 June 2010)

It seems that it still has ugly external power supply...

ArnoldRimmer (on 14 June 2010)

When I first saw the new 360 this morning, I didn't like the design at all. On those pictures however it actually looks a lot better. Not as good as the Wii and the PS3, but I think it's a big improvement to the very cheap plastic look of the current 360.

KillerMan (on 14 June 2010)

Does anyone know if this has this still external power supply or have they made it internal like Sony? If this has external like old model this so called ''Slim'' is not that much smaller...

binary solo (on 14 June 2010)

Was never a fan of the 360's look. A smaller (less obtrusive) version of basically the same shape is an improvement, and making it black also makes it stand out less, so on looks I am more likely to be willing to buy it. But it's still not pretty so it's not very appealing despite the improvement.

Grunt06 (on 14 June 2010)

The hard drive is in the bottom and theres one memory card slot on the front. I know this because they showed it all on gametrailers!

superchunk (on 14 June 2010)

I wonder where the HDD is?

Gamerace (on 14 June 2010)

Hate it. Still looks like a PC tower, albeit a fancy one. MS really needs to steal some Apple designers.

WIzarDE (on 14 June 2010)

Nice ! I want one :P

Attoyou (on 14 June 2010)

So Fresh and so Clean. Time for a New 360 :-D

__XBrawlX__ (on 14 June 2010)

Looks pretty good, but what happened to the memory card slots? Thats actually pretty important to me...

Burning Typhoon (on 14 June 2010)

Looks awesome.