GoldenEye Remake for Wii and DS Leaked by Activision

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 05 June 2010 / 47,951 Views

I thought waiting 12 years for a StarCraft sequel was bad, but it turns out we've actually been waiting 13 years for a GoldenEye 007 remake, and we didn't even know it was coming.  Many companies have wanted to remake the game, and everybody else has wanted to play it, but it's always been held up by red tape.  The James Bond License was bought by Electronic Arts in 1999, and then by Activision in 2007.  However, the original GoldenEye 007 game for the Nintendo 64 was owned by Nintendo and Rare, and Rare is now owned by Microsoft, leading to a tragic custody battle over the years.  Microsoft wouldn't let Nintendo re-release the original on the Wii's Virtual Console, and Nintendo wouldn't let Rare remake it for the 360's XBLA.  Now we know why.  Activision has their own remake ready, and it's exclusively for Nintendo's Wii and DS systems.

GoNintendo received an anonymous tip about a leaked Activision survey, with pictures of two covers for a Wii game, a golden Classic Controller, and a new Wii Zapper modeled after the infamous Golden Gun.  It also had this tasty quote, revealing that the game will have improved graphics and physics, 8 player online multiplayer, and Daniel Craig will be replacing Pierce Brosnan:

"GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 was a game that defined a genre.  Now, after 13 years of gaming innovation, the legend is re-imagined.  Developed from the ground up for the Wii, GoldenEye takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver the same intense experience with today's graphics and physics.  Play a modernized version of the classic story with the new Bond (Daniel Craig), more lethal and cunning than ever as you take on missions around the world.  Relive all the legendary moments from the original game: St Petersburg, the Caribbean and numerous other levels.  Leverage the classic arsenal of weapons and gadgets as you fight Onatopp, Trevelyan and their adversaries, from the classic PP7 to the high tech assault rifle, sniper rifles and even the tank.  The enhanced multiplayer experience offers 4 player split-screen like the original and introduces 8 player online matches.  GoldenEye is 13 years better, are you?"

But that's not all.  Then Eurogamer got their own anonymous tip, learning that the game is about to be announced at E3 and will be released in November.  It is being co-developed by the UK-based Eurocom and the US-based n-Space.  Eurocom previously worked on another Nintendo 64 Bond game, The World Is Not Enough, and n-Space has worked on some Duke Nukem titles, Geist, and the DS Call of Duty games.  We'll have to wait until E3's official announcement, but I think we can assume that Eurocom will be developing the Wii title while n-Space develops the DS title.

I'm not sure how I feel about Daniel Craig sneaking into my pre-Craig Bond games, but then again Casino Royale was a remake of Bond's first adventure so maybe that makes GoldenEye post-Craig Bond?  I'm not sure.  Either way it's not that important, since Pierce Brosnan never fought Oddjob or Mayday, and it was still great fun in the 1997 game.

Like all late 90's attempts at photorealistic humans and environments, the graphics did age rather poorly over the years.  But the gameplay was as solid as they come, and very deserving of a facelift with today's technology.  It will be interesting to see how the younger generation of FPS gamers, those who grew up on franchises like Halo and Call of Duty, react to the grandaddy of console FPS games making its triumphant return.  It was the best-selling FPS on a home console for 7 years after all, until Halo 2 took its crown.  And it's still frequently referred to as the greatest game adaptation of a film ever made.

Personally, I can't wait to see the game's DK and paintball modes with today's graphics, or how many enemies they'll fit on the screen when a security alarm goes off.  Klobbs in the Caverns anyone?  RCP-90s in the Facility?  Rocket launchers in the basement?  1 on 1, Aztec, Slappers Only?  Speedruns of the Facility level are going to be all the rage, again.

Sources: GoNintendo and Eurogamer

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Seece (on 18 June 2010)

In all honesty I don't think Rare/Microsoft are going to care ..

tehkyle00 (on 13 June 2010)

@selnor: Rare and microsoft don't have to sign off on the game because it isn't the exact same game, Rare only had any say on the N64 game itself. And activision has the rights to make games involving James bond, if I'm reading this article correctly.

Erunion (on 13 June 2010)

@AwesomeElmo "So is this going to be wiimote based on classic controller based? If it doesn't support wiimote than it is utter fail." Well if it wasn't going to support the Wiimote I'm guessing it wouldn't have a golden gun-like Zapper, now would it?

Rath (on 08 June 2010)

Legal wrangling must have come out to being that Rare doesn't have any rights to the game I guess...

curl-6 (on 07 June 2010)

@Cueil And why should Nintendo have let Microsoft have it? They "bit the bullet" in terms of pushing for its release and cutting through the red tape, which can't have been easy given the entanglements of Rare being with Microsoft, the rights to the franchise changing hands, etc.

Cueil (on 07 June 2010)

@curl-6 this isn't bitting the bullet this is going through a loophole or perhaps allowing this will let Microsoft finally get the remake put on Live

selnor (on 07 June 2010)

So what makes it allowed? Any replication of the N64 title will result in lawsuit. Level design? Unless iut's got completely different levels, I expect Activision and Nintendo will have a huge lawsuit on there doorstep if released.

Paperdiego (on 07 June 2010)

this is awesome news. Microsoft and rare dont have to sign off on making a remake because its not technically the same game... i am not sure why it is exclusive, this game could potentially come out on all three platforms plus ds and psp..

Arius Dion (on 07 June 2010)

Apparently, Rare and M$ don't have to.

selnor (on 07 June 2010)

How can they? Rare and M$ would never agree to this?

curl-6 (on 07 June 2010)

"anyway i reckon they should keep goldeneye's soundtrack in this game... i don't think the songs needed much update lol" Well, a digital remastering and an update to Pro Logic II coudln't hurt... ;) As for the DS version, I imagine that could be a virtually intact port of the N64 game, at least graphically. Isn't the DS roughly equivalent to the N64 power-wise?

Siko1989 (on 07 June 2010)

oh agree with Gamerace.. treyarch should develope this, they are awesome lol

Siko1989 (on 07 June 2010)

Farmageddon im more confused then you are lol... i think its because Nintendo still owns Goldeneye and the fact that activision is after money so they put it on DS as well lol.. thats my guess.. anyway i reckon they should keep goldeneye's soundtrack in this game... i don't think the songs needed much update lol

Farmageddon (on 07 June 2010)

What's the point of the DS version again?

WiiRHardcore (on 06 June 2010)

OMG! I hope this is true, and there better be wii remote support.

AwesomeElmo (on 06 June 2010)

So is this going to be wiimote based on classic controller based? If it doesn't support wiimote than it is utter fail.

Resident_Hazard (on 06 June 2010)

Well, it does explain why the game has been jerked around for so many years. Hopefully it'll translate well to the Wii and DS, and they won't screw it up. The control scheme will have to be updated, and hopefully they won't just screw that all up.

Imphamis (on 06 June 2010)

Oh wow!

Gamerace (on 06 June 2010)

I'd be more excited if Treyarch was making this with the CoD engine. Being a Eurocom developed game I have no expectations it'll be a masterpiece FPS like the original. Still, all they need to do is make a solid updated remake with all the original content. If they can do that there's enough old school Nintendo fans who would probably get it to make it worthwhile but 1m is the most I'd expect sales-wise and that's probably optimistic.

Mr. Fister (on 06 June 2010)

Interesting info. My guess is the Wii/DS exclusivity has to do with Nintendo still holding rights to the original Goldeneye property itself, because otherwise Activision would've made this a multiplatform game in a heartbeat. Can't wait to see if this is true come E3.

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 06 June 2010)

We'll see if its any good. Frankly, a lot of times, these kinds of massively hyped remakes are less than spectacular than the original. Especially when they're not made by the original team. I'm interested, but weary.

Voltaire (on 06 June 2010)

Im suprise this article doesnt have "rumor" in the title. I guess its been offically confirmed by ACtivition?

CitizenOfVerona (on 06 June 2010)

So 5 bucks says Activision won't advertise this game and then blame the lack of core gamers on Wii due to poor sales. Prove me wrong Activision.

The Ghost of RubangB (on 06 June 2010)

LuStaysTru always has the best predictions. I will stand by this one as well. Just Brosnan would be great, but if I could have some Connery vs. Lazenby vs. Moore vs. Dalton battles offline, this will be the ultimate Bond game. Then online I'd play some Connery vs. Lazenby vs. Moore vs. Dalton vs. Brosnan vs. Craig vs. Oddjob vs. Jaws. Power weapons, Complex.

BoneArk (on 06 June 2010)

I'm not sure how I feel about this, b/c its going to be published by Activision. :-/ I guess we'll see.

LuStaysTru (on 06 June 2010)

You can unlock Pierce Brosman once you beat the game... That's my prediction and I'm sticking to it. Also I'd really love to see all the Bonds unlocked I think we all would.

curl-6 (on 06 June 2010)

"If I'm not mistaken it was Nintendo who cock blocked Microsoft and Activision from a remake... they were even going to have it on the Wii... my guess is greed on someones part and considering that the game is already done I'm calling NIntendo on this one... it would have been nice if someone would have just bit the bullet" They DID bite the bullet, hence this remake.

A Bad Clown (on 06 June 2010)

"built from the ground up" worries me. Activision is a publisher so who is actually the developer?

Arius Dion (on 06 June 2010)

Oh Shit.

Cueil (on 06 June 2010)

If I'm not mistaken it was Nintendo who cock blocked Microsoft and Activision from a remake... they were even going to have it on the Wii... my guess is greed on someones part and considering that the game is already done I'm calling NIntendo on this one... it would have been nice if someone would have just bit the bullet

Monteblanco (on 06 June 2010)

Interesting, I loved the original and I will certainly purchase this one. I am not sure how the copyrights are working. The original was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo, whereas Activision has the rights for any Bond game nowadays. I guess that the original code is owned by Rare and was not used at all -- I guess that there is no classic mode then. Still, Nintendo should have some rights over the original, as they were able to deny Microsoft of releasing it. Probably that's the reason why is a Wii/DS exclusive. BTW, wouldn't be nice if this was one of the 3DS launch titles?

thekitchensink (on 06 June 2010)

Remote Mines only on Aztec :-D Yes please!

naznatips (on 06 June 2010)

Friggen awesome. I can't tell you how many hours I poured into Goldeneye. I had my N64 still plugged in most of last generation cause of that one game.

Jumpin (on 06 June 2010)

Looks like Nintendo is really wrapping up.

Ghutto (on 06 June 2010)

Sorry but, this is TRUE?? They really will release a Goldeneye's remake for Wii??? It's not a rumor???? SERIOUSLY????!!!!!

Ralek (on 06 June 2010)

Hope the devs do an over-the-top job on this, since anything else would be a let down and totaly undeserving of the material. I'm really hoping it turns out well and I'm looking forward to it. Don't ya dare screw us on this one Activision !

freebs2 (on 06 June 2010)

OMG Awesome!

Silver-Tiger (on 06 June 2010)

Microsoft owned.

hunter_alien (on 06 June 2010)

What a waste... it will sell poorly, and by the dev teams, they will be mediocre games, when compared to the original. While n-space has a couple of good titles, eurocoms only good one is DS:E... lets hope for the best ;-)

mandisc (on 06 June 2010)

this has just made my day, I look forward to seeing the unveiling next week

Nintendogamer (on 06 June 2010)

Shame Daniel Craig is replacing Peirce Brosnan, would have been better with him.

Nintendogamer (on 06 June 2010)

This is nice! Goldeneye was one of my favourites titles on N64, now with update controls and a possibility of a gold wiimote bundle( I can dream), E3 could be even more of a suprise.

AussieGecko (on 06 June 2010)

MS would be asking questions i would think... RARE still owns a part of this dont they?

Siko1989 (on 06 June 2010)

hmm looks like there making a golden classic controller and golden wii gun as well lol

axumblade (on 06 June 2010)

O.O;;; Please please please...for the love of god not find a way to screw this up somehow!

L1nkToTheFuture (on 06 June 2010)

Damn, there's too many wii shooters that i want right now; Conduit 2, Black Ops and now this. Always planned to get Conduit 2 first but if that zapper comes bundled ... well i dunno. Plus i dont think it will restrict the controls too much bcos of the nunchuck added on. Gold CCpro looks epic too, might have to get that for monster hunter

miz1q2w3e (on 06 June 2010)

what do you guys mean "IF this is true" and "I HOPE it's true"?? it's been LEAKED not rumored :p

dark_gh0st_b0y (on 06 June 2010)

hope it's true!

Carpevi (on 06 June 2010)

If this is true, it would be epic news. I really loved GoldenEye!

Kenoid (on 06 June 2010)

@solracbrit, Its "can't"

NightDragon83 (on 06 June 2010)

A GoldenEye remake on Wii/DS? Kim Kardashian to star in the new Tomb Raider Movie? Jessica Simpson to play the role of Samus in a Metroid movie?!? Did I miss something, or is June 5th the new April Fool's Day?!?

solracbrit (on 06 June 2010)

It sounds really interesting. E3 can come soon enough!!!

npbeersy (on 06 June 2010)

If this is real then count me in. I loved Goldeneye. It is what got me into console FPS games in the first place. With Goldeneye, Conduit 2 and COD Black Ops all in the works, this could be a great fall for Wii FPS fans (and yes we do exist).

SaviorX (on 06 June 2010)

No way..... If true, it better have 4-player splitscreen. No way I can't believe it. Mind you, I first played Goldeneye when I was in the 1st grade. I graduated from high school recently. Yea.

scottie (on 06 June 2010)

8 player online multiplayer is good, but this is not the kind of game where they can skip local multiplayer and expect to sell. And yes, Wii is deffinately the best console for it to be on, due to controls, and it confirmed in the article that the graphics would be updated, way to not read the article usrevenge...

curl-6 (on 06 June 2010)

"auto fail for being on the wii." Ha, it'd be an auto-fail on PS360, cos we'd have to put up with the utter fail that is dual analogue shooter controls.

kingwii (on 06 June 2010)

wow....hope its true... time to un-dust my n64 and goldeneye.....

Siko1989 (on 06 June 2010)

sweet.. i hope this is real, and please activision don't stuff it up lol

usrevenge (on 06 June 2010)

auto fail for being on the wii. and unless graphic update ( like perfect dark on xbla) its another fail

Shanobi (on 06 June 2010)


forest-spirit (on 06 June 2010)

What the heck? It might actually be true. Well, I'm not holding my breath until I see some footage or an official confirmation, but...damn if this is true then...OMG, PARTY TIME!!! Wait, Craig!? That doesn't make any sense at all! >_<

mysticwolf (on 06 June 2010)

Meh, too busy looking forward to Conduit 2

sguy78 (on 05 June 2010)

So is this an actual graphically upgraded version of the N64 GoldenEye, or a new shooter being called such? There is a big difference between the two.

megaman79 (on 05 June 2010)

Why does all this news lately sound like bulls***? eg, Jessica Simpson in Metroid. But WOW if this news is true, OH MY GOD, DAY ONE DAY ONE DAY ONE

Star-Wars-Josh9 (on 05 June 2010)

that would own but if only it was for ps3 as it is my fav n64 game. but it wont make me buy a wii

pariz (on 05 June 2010)

This could be great. I hope they don´t blow it.

curl-6 (on 05 June 2010)

@Chairman-Mao By that logic releasing games like Viva Pinata or Modnation Racers on PS360 was a bad idea. And technically, it's not Wii exclusive, it's for DS also.

calvinandhobbes (on 05 June 2010)

I am expecting this game to not live up to expectations

bloodcrust (on 05 June 2010)

WOW! that is awesome! now I need a Wii. If it's good as the original but better graphics that's gonna be crazy!

Chairman-Mao (on 05 June 2010)

Great idea, release a shooter exclusively on the Wii. It would sell so much more on PS360, I don't care if the original was N64 exclusive. Well we're getting a Wii soon so I might buy it.

kain_kusanagi (on 05 June 2010)

I want an update to GoldenEye the way Rare updated Perfect Dark to HD for XBLA. I don't want to aim with the WiiMote.

superchunk (on 05 June 2010)

Can't wait to see some trailers and gameplay.

Soulblazer (on 05 June 2010)

Never really got the chance to play goldeneye back in the N64. I have only experienced it on my computer and its splitscreen is a blast to play with friends though i havent played in a while so looking forward to the update. And there hasnt been a wii 4 splitscreen multiplayer fps, which needs to be changed.

TheSource (on 05 June 2010)

I have my doubts this is real, but we'll see.

hsrob (on 05 June 2010)

If this actually does get released and they don't mess it up I will definitely be getting it. I don't know what happened to my original copy, though I suspect my brother may have flogged it to fund new gaming purchases.

__XBrawlX__ (on 05 June 2010)

why cant they just keep brosnan? I mean he was bond in that movie so by all rights its not really a remake... Especially considering how different they look (Brosnan and Craig)

TX109 (on 05 June 2010)

interesting. sounds like it could be a good game. 8-player online is meh, but other than that im interested. and that gold classic controller and gold wii zapper are nice. to bad though, one less big surprise a E3

riders42 (on 05 June 2010)

This game should be alright not sure if it can compete with the 64 version but still should be good and Microsoft should just let Nintendo release it on VC