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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 13 March 2010 / 2,318 Views

Move Party! is where the Move's camera/controller tech really got to shine.  The screen shows you a live video feed of yourself holding the Move as it turns into several different objects, similar to the live demonstration at last year's E3 where it turned into a baseball bat and a stop sign.  To make sure they contrast with the background enough, they are all very colorful and animated.  This combination of real video of yourself using cartoon items made it feel like I was in ToonTown from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  While the video feed made us very grainy in this demo, everything added by the game was very crisp and colorful.

Nick and I were able to play a one on one match passing the Move back and forth between turns.  We each leaned in for a photo of our face and said our name for score-keeping, and jumped right into the wacky mini-games.  First was the flyswatting.  You swing around splatting bug guts all over the place, but it only happens on the TV so you don't have to hold back to avoid making a mess. 

We also played a painting game which asked us to color in various lines and shapes.  While they seemed like random circles, triangles, and lines, they were put together and animated at the end of the round.  If you filled in some shapes well and messed up another, you can end up with a nice bird with only half a mouth, and if you do poorly enough you won't even be able to recognize your creation or tell what it's doing in its animation.  Each shape gives you less time to draw it so your finished creations end up half-finished more often than not.

The last game was our winner takes all round, and it was the haircutting game.  An icon on the right showed what haircut we needed to make (usually a mohawk or a nohawk), and you got to cutting.  Your Move turned into clippers and you could rotate it and try to shave the head in the middle of the screen.  You were scored for matching the icon's haircut as closely as possible, and penalized for jamming the clippers into its ears or face.  After a few styles it added hairdying.  I was given just a few short seconds to buzz half a head and then immediately spray some hideous red dye all over the guy's hair and face.  It was pretty fun and frantic and the ability to see exactly where my hand was on the screen made the controls really intuitive.  I look forward to seeing how this game grows and matures closer to the launch of the Move later this year.

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Pho_Hybrid (on 14 March 2010)

@Attoyou Thats where Developers come in, to utilize these ideas, and bring out what hard core players want, maybe like Zipper with Socom 4

nintendave (on 13 March 2010)

I love the fact that Sony is finally doing this but I think that letting people try it now when it's not close to being ready was a mistake. They should have waited to E3 to let people try it when the games had more development time and could have show different games like Tiger woods to show the difference between them and Nintendo because all I'm hearing is a lot of negative comments and reasons why it's not working as well as it should be.

Attoyou (on 13 March 2010)

lol I don't think Sony is Going to 'MOVE' very many of these controllers if they don't get serious and come of with some Original ideas, and get some Hardcore games that the PS3 fan base actually Wants

binary solo (on 13 March 2010)

My kids got plenty of fun out of Eyetoy Play, and they are still young enough to get lots of fun out of this one. If the two weird looking guys in the pics above can have a bit of a larf with this then my kids definitely would.

Tridrakious (on 13 March 2010)

I hope there's more to this, but so far everything looks like fun.

Rawnchie14 (on 13 March 2010)

Ugh casual games...

Andysw (on 13 March 2010)

Its eyetoy all over again. Except you use a motion controller.

naznatips (on 13 March 2010)

Me? Happy? Never!

hatmoza (on 13 March 2010)

Naz! You look so happy!

CaptainHavok (on 13 March 2010)

Hey! I know those goons! This is reminding me of several Eyetoy games that came out for PS2 years ago, which means I care very little. We'll have to see what else they have in store for Move.

huaxiong90 (on 13 March 2010)

Hmm...sounds promising.