Modern Warfare Coming To Wii (Update 2)

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 05 August 2009 / 5,450 Views

We thought that Call of Duty was skipping Wii this year, with 360, PS3 and PC receiving Modern Warfare 2 and DS getting Mobilized. But now it seems we may have to add another game of the series releasing this year. If Kotaku's to be trusted, on November 10th, release date of both Modern Warfare 2 and Mobilized, the Wii will see the release of a port of the original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, that was released for 360, PS3 DS, and PC on 2007.

According to the news site, the game will be announced by Activision tomorrow, and it will be developed by Treyarch, developer of last year's World at War (Modern Warfare 1 and 2 come from Infinity Ward).

We'll see what Activision has to say tomorrow, should the announcement happen, we'll report it in our site, so stay tuned.


Source: Kotaku

Update: Activision has confirmed that the Treyarch-ported "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" will launch on Wii on November 10th.

Update 2: Press Release from Activision:


The record-setting and award-winning Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is coming to Nintendo. Activision will release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on Wii™ on November 10 in conjunction with the launch of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2.

Ported to Wii by Treyarch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will bring to Nintendo fans the gripping modern-day action-thriller that won more than 50 combined 2007 Editors’ Choice and Game of the Year Awards.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for Wii is not yet rated by the ESRB. visit

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Simulacrum (on 06 August 2009)

Loz.Why so happy for this and not Conduit?

theARTIST0017 (on 06 August 2009)

Im not mad at this. This could be HUGE!

Red4ADevil (on 06 August 2009)

Im so hypedfor this but im not sold just yet. If they can do better job with this one than world at war then im sold.

Orca_Azure (on 06 August 2009)

Time to unretire my perfect shot if this is the case

Diglet (on 05 August 2009)

They should have just called in Modern Warfare 2 o.0

Imphamis (on 05 August 2009)

That's right Activision, Milk your franchises dry with no innovation and dissapointing even your own fans in order to gain some extra money! Just like you always do. That's just my opinion of them now. No offense to anyone who still likes Activision.

almcchesney (on 05 August 2009)

its from trey arch it cant be that good even if infinity ward made the original i dont believe that trey arch hadsnt messed it up somehow. hopefully im wrong but well have to see

SupahShnipa (on 05 August 2009)

YEA! Pre-Order for me!

moondeep (on 05 August 2009)

T H I S I S H U G E !! Hopefully Wii fans will buy it (at launch) to show Activision how much we want MW2 brought to our lil white console. Of course, it's a no-brainer from a business perspective, given the Wii install base and the lack of FPSers, but it's still nice to see Activision isn't blind. To all the haters.... what gives? Why are you downright pissed that the Wii is getting a 2-year-old port? How does that offend you?? Color me confused....

DOLBYdigital (on 05 August 2009)

They ONLY way this is bad news for me is if Treyarch had to suspend some of its development on COD 7 for the Wii to work on this port. As long as this port didn't affect the development of COD 7 for Wii then this is just another good game coming to the Wii library. If it has all the same content, online modes, and unlocks then this is either great news or no news for you. I can't see how this could be 'bad' news for anyone except those silly fanboys that like to try and prove they made the 'best' decision.

Shadowfest3 (on 05 August 2009)

I think it's smart to leave out the "4" in the name since the 5th installment is already out. Then again it could also hurt it. Anyways, I think I will pick this up for fun. I have CoD:WaW on the PS3 and Wii so why not CoD:MW. It's more FPS fun for me!

dizzydee_011 (on 05 August 2009)

Should have released Modern Warfare 2 instead. I guess this is good news for people who only own a Wii.

NightDragon83 (on 05 August 2009)

Well, considering that the Wii is seriously lacking in not only FPS, but online FPS games as well, this is definitely a welcome addition since it has one of the best and most robust online experiences there is. As long as they include all multiplayer modes, maps, and complete perk system, this is a must buy for any Wii FPS fan! Hopefully the controls are also done well like The Conduit, or at least as good as WaW.

haxxiy (on 05 August 2009)

Well... late is better than never, right? :-)

TX109 (on 05 August 2009)

this is both good and bad for me. good cuz i love CoD 4. bad because that is yet another game i need to figure out how to buy. hopefully by then ill have a job.

Video_Game_Critic (on 05 August 2009)

Thinks are looking up for Wii owners this year. First "The Conduit" is released and now "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare". I am going to pre-order this game.

wichdog69 (on 05 August 2009)

Definitely picking this up day one! never picked up the first one. (did'nt have my 360 then) I really enjoy FPS more on wii. Hopefully they add more modes to the online though W@W only had like 4 modes.

c03n3nj0 (on 05 August 2009)

That's nice. Dunno why people are complaining.

JaguarGrowl (on 05 August 2009)

Hey superchunk. Too funny. I work for a university but have a degree in marketing, so there you go. I'm psyched about this news as you can tell. I appreciate the steps that The Conduit made but can't get over the cheesy design. Don't know Battlefield, I only own the Wii.

llewdebkram (on 05 August 2009)

Probably going to be the difinitive version with the Wii remote controls! ^ Wind the Xbox/PS3 fanboys in :P

superchunk (on 05 August 2009)

@JaguarGrowl - wow, who do you work for? lol. The Conduit is > COD:WaW. Plus, overall Battlefield blows COD out of the water.

superchunk (on 05 August 2009)

Well, I guess we'll have to see a list of features and if they implemented Conduit style controls / online.

Kenology (on 05 August 2009)

Well at least we get an FPS to play this holiday season now that Red Steel 2 has been delayed. Another Wii million seller no doubt as well.

Godot (on 05 August 2009)

Meh... The sequel is already on the console and this is going to be released at the same time as MW2. I think it makes sense on a business point of view to port one of the most popular franchise on all consoles. After all, they sold over 1 million copies of CoD3 and CoD5 on the Wii.

JaguarGrowl (on 05 August 2009)

If you own a Wii this is without a doubt excellent news. Modern Warfare is an incredible game that can now be played on the most popular console out there. It will sell very well - COD World at War on Wii is the best FPS for the console and has already sold over 1.2 million copies so far. If you are a true fan of the Call of Duty franchise than the further expansion of the game, regardless of console, should be seen as a testament to how good the game is and a real triumph for its playability and design. The same would be said of expanding football, baseball, basketball or any other game into new realms, it's all for the good of the sport. Would a true sports fan deride their sport growing into a rich new untapped area or would they celebrate it? That 52.6 million Wii owners around the world can now enjoy one of the most brilliant FPS games ever created can only be seen as a positive development. Apart from the unfortunate two year wait, anyone saying otherwise is simply way too invested in their platform and/or has the emotional maturity of a small child in a sandbox.

wiifan75 (on 05 August 2009)

I like to see releases at the same time on multiple consoles. But with this I do not mind as long as there is value. I only own the Wii for now so I don't mind when it came out. It's new on Wii so it's new to me. But after 2 years, and for full price I'm sure, they need to have extra maps and other DLC included in this box from the start. If it's completely the same and we must pay for the extras just as the other console owners did 2 years ago then I think that will go over badly with Wii owners/gamers. But this is great news to me. Wished it was available 2 years ago but so what, it's coming, and I can use my wiimote and IR controls for my shooting.... This really isn't so bad to me. Looking forward to this coming out.

the_bloodwalker (on 05 August 2009)

I just hope no content has been cut off

MonstaMack (on 05 August 2009)

Dunno whether to laugh or be happy for Wii owners. On one hand Modern Warfare, was imho, the "Halo" killer in terms of multiplayer experience and had a great (albeit short) single player experience. Now you guys are getting it... years later. Modern Warfare 2 is probably going to be the best multiplayer experience ever, yet you guys will have to wait another year I'm guessing. I might have to try this out just for the multiplayer and It's controls to see if the experience is remade on the Wii with success.

uno (on 05 August 2009)

Guess we just have to wait to hear from Activision/Treyarch what the content is. Has anyone else noticed the shear amount of threads and posts all around the internet in the time the first rumor was posted? If anything it shows the interest in this game. Like it or not COD 4 IS COMING TO WII!

waron (on 05 August 2009)

it's been confirmed on joystiq. dunno if i can post it here.

thetonestarr (on 05 August 2009)

It all depends on whether or not it contains the extra map pack out-of-box, has any extras, and yes, has the completely customizable controls. Also if it has CoD4's splitscreen multiplayer. Oh please, keep the splitscreen. If they get that right, I'll actually buy it. Even if I've already owned CoD4 for a year for the 360.

blunty51 (on 05 August 2009)

This is good news? This is fucking laughable. I truly feel sorry for those who relish this news.

DOLBYdigital (on 05 August 2009)

If they make the controls completely customizable like Conduit or at least more options than COD:WaW then I'll be happy. Of course it better have all the same or similar online modes and unlocks as well. Its a good game so I would like to play it with some good wiimote controls :)

V-r0cK (on 05 August 2009)

better late than never? =)

Excel_K (on 05 August 2009)

Well, if the rumor turns out true, then I hope Treyarch does a good job. I think it'll be good, considering their work on W@W on the Wii. But we'll see.

Chrizum (on 05 August 2009)

Seems pointless to me. Why not release Modern Warfare 2 instead? Still, I'd probably buy it.

uno (on 05 August 2009)

WHOOOHOOO!!!! COD4 Wii!!!!

Shanobi (on 05 August 2009)

Good news. And for those who are bitching, it's not like most Wii owners have ever played the game. Oh no! It's two years late! *CRY* ;)

dolemit3 (on 05 August 2009)

That's the best Activision is going to do? F for Fail.

Hephaestos (on 05 August 2009)

OMG that's so awesome!!!! Now I can wait 2 years to port games to consoles that already exited when the game came out.... I like PS2 to Wii ports, it makes some sense as the technical aspects permit an easy port and gives a second life to some titles... but 2 year old HD ports, especially when the 5th opus is already out on Wii.... COME ON!

TWRoO (on 05 August 2009)

TBH, if it works out well enough I would probably buy it. but I still think it is a stupid decision.

xcot (on 05 August 2009)

so much fail...... and they wonder why games don't sell if you treat the audience as second tier.

Demotruk (on 05 August 2009)

Excellent. Remember, multi-console owners are a small minority, even of core gamers. There are plenty who didn't play the original but would be willing to give it a shot on Wii. Will it have splitscreen multiplayer? If so, first day buy for me.

susymar (on 05 August 2009)

@ Monkey oneoneone If it works as good as The Conduit is enough to be an excelent game gameplay wise. Now I only wanted mic support and that new thing that grabs the console friend codes instead of new ones for each game. When I go from Live to NWC I just don't cry because it is free.

Munkeh111 (on 05 August 2009)

Hmmm, Modern Warfare 1 is fantastic game but I wonder how well it will work on Wii

FKNetwork (on 05 August 2009)

Oh dear....

Canyarion (on 05 August 2009)

Modern Warfare: Motionalized.

theARTIST0017 (on 05 August 2009)

hey its a start right? and its not like we who only have a Wii have a choice right. Of course we could always send e-mails to Activision to bring MW2 but we have like a 2% chance of that working. We could try a petition.

Tayne (on 05 August 2009)

why oh why even bother?

PATRIOT7ME (on 05 August 2009)


Shadowfest3 (on 05 August 2009)

susymar says: If they release it with the subtitle name as the DS version "Modern Warfare Mobilized" even if it is a port of the HD version, it won't be seen like that. Just change the name to stop the "2 year old port" whinning Activision. I agree with you and think they should add "Mobilized" to the name to give it a new feel.

RaptorGTA (on 05 August 2009)

Im not sure if ill buy it or not. Already have COD4 for the 360 and MW2 reserved...maybe if its cheaper..

jefforange89 (on 05 August 2009)

oh lawd

susymar (on 05 August 2009)

If they release it with the subtitle name as the DS version "Modern Warfare Mobilized" even if it is a port of the HD version, it won't be seen like that. Just change the name to stop the "2 year old port "whinning Activision.

Shadowfest3 (on 05 August 2009)

Well, it this turns out to be true, then it will definitely be a plus for those who only own a Wii. However, for those like me, who already have the CoD4: Modern Warfare version on another console, then, in my opinion, there's no reason to buy it. Then again, I may just buy this for fun. I hope it has better graphics than World at War for the Wii does and better frame rate. We'll see I suppose.

famousringo (on 05 August 2009)

Hey, I know what the Wii needs! More Call of Duty rumours!

uno (on 05 August 2009)

WHOOOHOOO!!!! COD4 Wii!!!!

ph4nt (on 05 August 2009)

One part of me wishes it were true, one part of me doesn't. It's nice that Wii owners would be able to play CoD4. But it's also bad because I doubt it will sell well (being as it's a 2 year old port, releasing alongside the brand new version). And they will use it as an excuse not to bring MW2 to the Wii.