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Star Citizen Tops $250 Million in Funding

Star Citizen Tops $250 Million in Funding - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 6 days ago / 806 Views

The PC space simulator, Star Citizen, has reached a new funding milestone. The game's funding page shows the game has surpassed $250 million in funding since it began in 2012. As of the time of this writing the game has raised $251,368,388 from 2,449,648 people. 

$9 million were raised in November, which makes it the biggest month ever for funding in the game's history. 

Thanks PC Gamer.

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Zenos (6 days ago)

This game seems more and more like a social experiment with the power of vapourware and feature creep.

VAMatt (5 days ago)

That's gotta be one of the most successful scams in history.

StriderKiwi (6 days ago)

Starting to wonder is SC has morphed into a money laundering scheme

SanAndreasX (6 days ago)

It's official. Chris Roberts is the most successful panhandler in human history.

Walbert (6 days ago)

The Playstation 25 will be released before Star Citizen in completed.

SanAndreasX (6 days ago)

And by that point, it will be getting the same complaints of being dated and only for diehard fans of Wing Commander that Shenmue III is getting now.

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think-man (5 days ago)

And yet the end is no where in sight.

KLAMarine (6 days ago)

That's a lot of money.

RaptorChrist (6 days ago)

Biggest month ever? What was the cause for that? I'm sure they lump in investors with that donation amount. Maybe an investor came in with all that money? For a game as large in scope as SC, is this a project even intended to produce a profit, or is it more just donations funding an awesome (hopefully) game? Damn.