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Analyst: PlayStation 5 To Launch in Late 2019

Analyst: PlayStation 5 To Launch in Late 2019 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 October 2018 / 2,612 Views

Analyst Hideki Yasuda from Osaka-based firm Ace Economic Research Institute in a report stated that he believes the PlayStation 5 will launch in late 2019.

Yasuda did add that the console could be delayed due to a shortage in the supply of electronic components. 


The PlayStation 4 launched in November 2013, while the PlayStation 4 Pro launched in November 2016.

Thanks DualShockers.

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Shadow1980 (on 19 August 2018)

Improbable. The PS4 is only just barely passing its peak. They can still squeeze some good sales out of it throughout next year with more price cuts (e.g., $199 Slim and $299 Pro) and continued strong software titles (e.g., TLOU2, Tsushima, Death Stranding). Passing its peak doesn't equal dropping off a cliff, and the drop-off can be more than slow enough to allow a 2020 or 2021 release for the PS5.

Mnementh (on 20 August 2018)

That's no argument. The PS3 peaked in 2011, the PS4 released late 2013. The PS4 peaked 2017...

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DonFerrari (on 20 August 2018)

PS3 was a slow burner

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Qwark (on 20 August 2018)

Even Sony themselves have pretty much confirmed they are not ready for a new gen. Also the amount games that still have to release on PS4 seem to support that.

Ka-pi96 (on 20 August 2018)

I mean, it's possible. But it just seems too early to me. I think 2020 is much more likely.

Jranation (on 19 August 2018)

Whos this analyst? Is he worth listening to?

GaoGaiGarV (on 20 August 2018)

Same guy wo states that Switch will sell 25m this fiscal year, so to answer your question: "No!"

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mjk45 (on 20 August 2018)

Michael Patcher's Japanese cousin who is there to correct any imbalance caused by Patchers predictions, example he forecasts 25m , patcher says 8m simply add those totals together then divide by two and you get 16.5m and with it looking like Nintendo will miss it's 20m forecast it's looking like a pretty good anti patcher defence system.

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Jranation (on 20 August 2018)


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Bristow9091 (on 19 August 2018)

Yeeeaaaaah... no.

Hiku (on 20 August 2018)

Yeah, I'm sure Sony are really eager to abandon the PS4...

adisababa (on 20 August 2018)

Too early, this gen still has a very profitable life left, especially for the PS4.

DonFerrari (on 20 August 2018)

Yeah sure... it will launch in 2019 but could be later, totally trustworthy. 2020 is more likely even if I would prefer 2021.

Immersiveunreality (on 20 August 2018)

As a self proclaimed analyst i would say late 2020 . :p

JWeinCom (on 19 August 2018)

Sales are still good, and I don't think that Sony can really produces something that is a major upgrade from the PS4 Pro/XBox One X at a Mass Market price. Unless Sony doesn't like money, I don't see much incentive

zorg1000 (on 19 August 2018)

2020 is more likely, even 2021 seems more likely.

HylianSwordsman (on 19 August 2018)

Yeah, there's no way. PS4 may be over its peak, but PS4 will come 2020 at the earliest, probably 2021 at the latest. Likewise for the Xbox.

Oneeee-Chan!!! (on 19 August 2018)

Hideki Yasuda . He is a joke .

DialgaMarine (on 19 August 2018)

I still seriously doubt it. Yeah, we're definitely getting close to the final stretch, but PS4 still easily has two years left, especially considering Sony still has several unnanounced titles for it.