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HTC Vive Pro Price Announced, Original Vive Price Dropped

HTC Vive Pro Price Announced, Original Vive Price Dropped - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 19 March 2018 / 1,176 Views

HTC has announced its improved virtual reality headset, the Vive Pro. It will release on April 5 for $799. Anyone who purchases the VR headset before Sunday, June 3 will receive a free six month subscription for Viveport. 

The Vive Pro features a combined 2880x1660 resolution and a second camera on the front of the headset. It also features detachable headphones, noise cancelling microphone and is lighter than the original Vive.

View the announcement trailer below:

The original HTC Vive has seen a price drop to $499.

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solidpumar (on 20 March 2018)

in terms of hardware it has lower cost than of samsung odissey which is 500usd MRSP since the HMD only doesnt includ3 controller. So HTC pricing only HMD qt 800 dollar is absurd. Hope LG enter the steamvr market.

Johnw1104 (on 19 March 2018)

I think it's cool that VR has multiple options of varying costs. I've really loved my Vive thus far and was initially worried that they might get buried by the wallets of Facebook and Sony, but it seems like they're doing fairly well. That description sounds awesome, but the one thing I'd really like from them is to make it as comfortable to wear as the PS VR which totally nailed that aspect of it.

Masked_Muchaco (on 19 March 2018)

With prices like this, VR will never be mainstream.

Johnw1104 (on 20 March 2018)

I don't think the Vive is meant to be fully "mainstream". The video game industry is odd as, unlike most industries, it seems like we expect it to settle into just two or three nearly identical options at a similar price point. In most other industries there are endless options of varying quality and price points, which is far more consumer friendly in my opinion.

It's a bit like saying that the price of the latest BMW indicates cars won't catch on... There's nothing wrong with there being one brand that pushes what's possible at extra expense while others focus on making similar technologies available and affordable to the mainstream so that it's not restricted to a niche, enthusiast's market.

Personally, I hope all three keep doing what they're doing, though the Oculus really needs to shake things up at some point. I really thought when Facebook bought the Oculus that we'd see some amazing things coming from them, but ever since it seems like all hype and news surrounding it has just vanished.

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Masked_Muchaco (on 20 March 2018)

Good points, but the problem is that between PS4 and PC, there is currently no truly accessible VR headset. Aside from deals, the lowest they go for is $400, which is still too expensive considering you also need to buy a PS4 or a capable PC to enjoy it.

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GoldenHand80 (on 19 March 2018)

A bit overpriced

Johnw1104 (on 20 March 2018)

I'm not sure it's overpriced... That's honestly a lot to pack into a VR headset and they're going up against two juggernaughts that are able to sell their versions for less profit or even at a loss if necessary (from what I've read the PS VR is sold for a profit but even at $600 the Oculus Rift was initially being sold at a loss).

Really, it doesn't seem that unreasonable a cost to me.

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Chazore (on 19 March 2018)

Not going to drop 800 for a slightly better headset HTC. Guess I'll be waiting another 5 years before I think about investing in VR, if it's only going to rise in price like this.