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Nintendo in Talks with Minions Studio to Make Mario Movie

Nintendo in Talks with Minions Studio to Make Mario Movie - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 November 2017 / 2,274 Views

Illumination Entertainment, best known for the Minions and Despicable Me movies, and Universal Pictures are currently in talks with Nintendo to make an animated movie based on the Super Mario Bros. franchise, according to The Wall Street Journal.


The only Super Mario Brothers movie was the 1993 live action film starring Bob Hoskins.

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CaptainExplosion (on 15 November 2017)

So much excessive hate for Illumination here. People, people, you don't have to watch their movies if that's how you feel.

Darwinianevolution (on 14 November 2017)

Oh, God no, please no. Not Illumination, please. Nothin from that studio indicates they can pull off a Mario movie. Every movie they've done is either mediocre and lazy or just bad lazy.

StriderKiwi (on 14 November 2017)

Sadly, it will sell. Possibly better than Minions and Despicable Me solely based on the "Super Mario" title. And because it'll sell, we'll see more movies by Illumination with the title, and possibly even other animated Nintendo movies through them.

I agree that there are better studios out there, but from a monetary standpoint, this does make sense.

  • +5
mZuzek (on 14 November 2017)

Nah, Despicable Me was a good movie. Then of course, Despicable Me 2, well, not so much... never mind the stuff that came after. But if anything, it shows they can do a decent effort before getting lazy with sequels (or maybe because this is Mario they'll just be able to afford being lazy right from the start).

  • +3
HoloDust (on 15 November 2017)

Despicable Me 1 was excellent, sequels not so much, Minions was decent. All they need is a good script, they have a lot of technical and artistic know-how.

  • +2
Ggordon (on 15 November 2017)

Despicable me was awesome wtf you are talking about?2 was crap and minions wasnt that great either but 3 was again good.

  • +1
miedek (on 15 November 2017)

You really think nintendo would let them make a lazy movie out of their property? Especially Mario? AGAIN? No, no, they will make sure its good or cancel it.

  • +4
Jranation (on 15 November 2017)

What! Despicable me was AMAZING!!! Screw your opinion xD

  • +1
StriderKiwi (on 14 November 2017)

It's so weird to be hearing about Nintendo now loosening up it's "no movie tie-ins" restriction. The bad "Mario" movie was before my time, so after awhile I just assumed we'd never get anything Nintendo related for movies.

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AlfredoTurkey (on 15 November 2017)


Ggordon (on 15 November 2017)

Overwatch needs a film not mario