Arms July Free DLC Will Add Max Brass to the Roster

Arms July Free DLC Will Add Max Brass to the Roster - News

by William D'Angelo, posted on 16 June 2017 / 2,659 Views

Nintendo announced Max Brass will be added to the Arms roster next month as free DLC.

Max Brass is just one is several planned DLC. Other DLC will add new fighters, stages, and Arms to the game.

Arms is available today worldwide. 

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Poojipoo (4 days ago)

Whether everyone wants to admit it or not, Splatoon demonstrated that a steady flow of content keeps things interesting, keeps the competitive scene alive and new players flowing in. The strategy works, and I'm glad Nintendo's embracing the model to presumably make ARMS a game that we'll be playing for a long time.

Peh (5 days ago)

The content is already on Disc. Nintendo is just unlocking it.

Kober (3 days ago)

Switch uses cardridges lol

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Peh (3 days ago)

Semantics *Sigh*. Just ignore the words and go with the context :)

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Panama (6 days ago)

Can thank the positive reception to Splatoon for this. Release barebones games then trickle out dlc. But its fine cbecause its free right?

Medisti (6 days ago)

Yes, you are correct. It's fine because it's free.

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IkePoR (6 days ago)

Because they can perpetuate that they "supported the game after launch" when in reality they're just "still releasing it after launch".

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IkePoR (on 17 June 2017)

With as small as ARMS' roster is, is it hard for anyone else to believe that this guy could have been in the game to begin with? I just hate this "we're supporting the game with FREE DLC" idea when it's just not the case.