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GameStop: New Switch Stock Sells Out Within Hours, Expects Supply Issues for Rest of 2017

GameStop: New Switch Stock Sells Out Within Hours, Expects Supply Issues for Rest of 2017 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 28 March 2017 / 11,417 Views

GameStop has told VentureBeat the excitement around the Nintendo Switch is really high and any new stock sells out within hours. The retailer expects there to be supply issues for the rest of 2017. 

"There’s a lot of excitement about the Switch, but there’s also a lot of caution," said GameStop chief executive Paul Raines. "We’re very cautious simply because of limited allocation. We don’t really have an aggressive forecast built-in for the Switch. We’ve learned with Nintendo not to do that."

GameStop chief operating officer Tony Bartel added, "The demand is incredible strong. As soon as we get it into stores, it’s out within hours. We anticipate that we’ll be chasing supply this entire year. The other thing is that to have an over five-and-a-half attach rate [for games and accessories] for the Switch. This signifies that a lot of people are finding this a great platform, and they’re picking up almost any game they can."

"The data says it’s selling," Raines said. "There’s tremendous demand. Every unit we get sells out quickly. But if you’ve played it, that’s the best way to know it has tremendous broadening potential."

The retailer added that the releases Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey should keep the demand high through the rest of the year. 

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Rab (on 28 March 2017)

I'm feeling a little deja vu here, maybe, maybe

roadkillers (on 28 March 2017)

I was hoping for a pun, like a little deja VVii

  • -2
monocle_layton (on 28 March 2017)

That sounds as bad as the Wii U's name. Wouldn't be surprised if you were responsible for naming it

  • +1
roadkillers (on 28 March 2017)

Woah is Mii! ;)

  • +1
GhaudePhaede010 (on 29 March 2017)

Where I live, a small town where I could find Wii when it was going through its sales frenzy (I did not think Wii sales were so serious because there were Wii consoles sitting on store shelves where I live now but I realize my town is very small and does not represent much of America), Switch and its main accessories (Pro controller, joycon) are gone within minutes of arrival. I believe this console really does have Wii type of vibe going around it. Nintendo releasing 8 games in the first 9 months is also a sure fire way to keep interest in the console high. If they had priced this console at 250, it would have been a war come this Christmas.

Green098 (on 30 March 2017)

I wouldn't be surprised if they have $250 holiday sale for it at Christmas or at least a really good bundle. Nintendo has had some great black Friday deals lately so hopefully they will do something.

  • +1
axumblade (on 28 March 2017)

The exact reason I bought mine early (though LoZ was up there too)

Podings (on 31 March 2017)

Oh hell nah, they better be ready for Christmas.

jaddow (on 29 March 2017)

i got 4 new from amazon seller for $157 and just order 2 more for my friend for his kids https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B01LTHP2ZK/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new

eddy7eddy (on 30 March 2017)

Take care my Friend:

  • 0
eddy7eddy (on 31 March 2017)

Sorry, it seems that the first two comments had to be checked before appearing

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Angelv577 (on 28 March 2017)

I am curious to know numbers. I have a feeling it is undershipped.

Eagle367 (on 28 March 2017)

Yeah under shipped a console that sold 1.5 million in a week.OK if that is under shipping to you

  • 0
Jranation (on 28 March 2017)

It broke records around the world though........

  • +4
JWeinCom (on 30 March 2017)

I guess by definition if it is sold out it is undershipped. But, manufacturing has limits, and you also don't want to wind up with unsold inventory.

  • 0
Podings (on 31 March 2017)

What would they accomplish by that?

  • 0
Robert_Downey_Jr. (on 28 March 2017)

we'll see what happens when the initial stock runs out. The Summer will be telling

GProgrammer (on 28 March 2017)

Another Day another piece of news from Gamestop, Anyone would think with all these news items that the Gamestop business isn't performing so well lately

Random_Matt (on 28 March 2017)

Why doesn't Nintendo make more?

Mnementh (on 28 March 2017)

Ramping up production isn't that easy. Especially if your QA-demands are high you can't just build up new production lines. See the issue with joycon-connectivity. It was solved through a slight change in production-process, but not all joycons were affected to begin with. Different production lines work with slightly different issues. As a manufacturer you want to keep that small. So building up new production lines is difficult and takes time. This effort is also wasted if two months later the demand for your product goes down (as we expect after the launch).

  • +4
linkhouse (on 29 March 2017)

They are, and they have increase production.

  • +1
ArchangelMadzz (on 29 March 2017)

Could be back to old tricks of shipping a smaller amount of purpose, we'll see when we actually have numbers.

  • -1

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Tridrakious (on 29 March 2017)

I'm sure it is GameStop, you're just trying to stay relevant in a world that no longer needs you. There's next to nothing to play or do with this system right now.

JWeinCom (on 30 March 2017)

Seeing as it's sold out on their website, and every other, I gotta think they're being truthful.

  • +2
jaddow (on 29 March 2017)

who cares

  • -10
Johnw1104 (on 30 March 2017)

Given the nature of this site, probably a great many people here.

  • +2