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Sony: Activision Owns the Rights to Crash Bandicoot

Sony: Activision Owns the Rights to Crash Bandicoot - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 May 2016 / 5,807 Views

Crash Bandicoot Easter egg was found in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. That led to many fans to speculate that a new Crash Bandicoot game was on the way.

PlayStation’s Adam Boyes has shot down the speculation saying that Activision still owns the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

The last mainline release in the franchise was 2008's Crash: Mind Over Mutant.


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John2290 (on 09 May 2016)

Well, that's an easy wiki search.....

JRPGfan (on 09 May 2016)

Does that meany if sony asked them nicely and said you can have a cut of our profits from it, they wouldnt allow sony to use it? They just gonna keep it on a shelf somewhere?

Seventizz (on 12 May 2016)

Gaming has changed. So unless Crash can become a military FPS, a realistic car sim, or an overbudget third person adventure game, don't be expecting a triple A game anytime soon. You'll get a 9.99 download at best - and it won't be a Sony exclusive.

The_BlackHeart__ (on 10 May 2016)

Could someone PLEASE add the Uncharted SPOILER ALERT warning on the title of the article. As*holes

kurasakiichimaru (on 10 May 2016)

Well maybe Sony bought Activision. Lol

malistix1985 (on 09 May 2016)

Well although I like crash and jak and daxter I really love uncharted and the last of us so I am glad naughty dog moved on. I feel like people are more hyped because its something that is unlikely but I wonder if a new crash would really be all they want, It seems to me that Ratchet and Clank is just as good, if not better, of a platformer already out. I do hope it happens someday that Crash returns to form I just think Naughty dogs time is better spent on The Last of us 2 or a new IP

Skratchy (on 09 May 2016)

All they're saying is that it's up to Activision, not them, to make the new Crash Bandicoot. They'd rather make crappy fps games though, apparently.

DivinePaladin (on 09 May 2016)

I don't care how downvoted I get by the Crash army for this, this is not news. Sony will most likely never get Crash back, and I'm sure they don't want him back. They currently have an excuse as to why they can't make Crash, so that if a new Crash game failed they wouldn't have to continue to make them until the end of time. Let it go guys. If you want Crash so bad, an indie dev who loves Crash will Kickstart Smash Weasel and hire on a couple of old Crash developers to make it. That's the best chance at a good Crash we're ever gonna get again.

mjk45 (on 10 May 2016)

Yep Sony may get Crash in the future never say never , but they will never get Crash back since they never had it in the first place , the fact was the rights to what became Crash where handed to Universal interactive at the very beginning , Universal created and bankrolled Universal Interactive to enter the games market under mark Cerny , they had money but no games so he financed naughty dog to make a game that game became Crash in return they would own the IP and did the same deal with insomniac for Spyro ,

  • +1
DivinePaladin (on 10 May 2016)

Activision is worth about as much (at times MORE) than Sony, and they've never sold of an IP before. Again, you can downvote me or disagree, but it's not gonna happen. The income from selling Crash is a drop in the bucket, and they wouldn't even license him to Sony for something like PSAS because they asked for far too much. To think that Activision would ever just essentially give the IP away, in their eyes, is optimistic at best.

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Azzanation (on 09 May 2016)

Why do people keep asking these questions. Activition didn't buy Crash just so they can keep it locked on 1 platform. Sony would have to money hat it if they want an exclusive Crash game.

Ganoncrotch (on 09 May 2016)

Aye Activision didn't want to buy Crash to keep it to one console... instead they haven't had a crash game since 2008 so it's no no consoles!

  • +2
Ganoncrotch (on 09 May 2016)

its on no consoles** my bad!!

  • +2
mjk45 (on 10 May 2016)

actually Activision didn't buy Crash they received it when they merged with Vivendi because it was from day one a Universal IP.

  • +3
Luke888 (on 09 May 2016)

So they're trying to make damage control in case a Crash Bandicoot game is made and it's multiplatform ?

  • -10