Top 5 Kickstarter Games: January 2016 Edition

Top 5 Kickstarter Games: January 2016 Edition - Article

by Jared Katz, posted on 23 January 2016 / 4,479 Views

Welcome to VGChartz’s Top 5 Kickstarter Games: January 2016 Edition. Before we begin, take a few minutes to look at some of the great Kickstarter games below that didn’t quite make the list.

Kim: "Discover Kipling’s India as the ragamuffin spy Kim in this procedural open-world RPG." (Windows, Mac and Linux)

NOOZh: "Deep in the nightmares of a girl, NOOZh is a Storyteller/Dungeon crawler with endless levels containing mysteries, traps and puzzles." (Windows and Mac)

Project Resurgence: "An episodic single-player computer RPG inspired by the classics of the late 90s, set in a world fusing dark fantasy and dieselpunk." (Windows, Mac and Linux)



Developer: Interdimensional Games

Total Amount/Goal: $90,300/$450,000 CAD

Days Left: 27

Lowest Amount for Game: $22/$25 CAD (About $15/$17 USD)

Release Date: Later 2017/Early 2018

Next Stretch Goal: Engineering Systems (???)

Platforms: Windows, PS4 and Xbox One

There is a good chance that many of you reading this article already own CONSORTIUM, either from a bundle or due to the fact the game was free on Steam last week. Now the Canadian dev team is trying to give life to a new entry into the franchise, CONSORTIUM: The Tower. Like its inspiration Deus Ex (the first one), The Tower will give you a number of different ways to progress the story; you can even complete it without ever raising a weapon, although you can just as easily complete the game by mowing down enemies with your sci-fi arsenal, or even by sneaking your way through the tower undetected.

CONSORTIUM: The Tower is all about player freedom and never limiting your choices to a single option. Of course your prior actions will change future scenarios, both in how characters act towards you and who is willing to help your cause. All of these variables should ensure that The Tower is a highly replayable game.


Shadows of Adam

Developer: Something Classic

Total Amount/Goal: $4,300/$20,000

Days Left: 26

Lowest Amount for Game: $15

Release Date: Late Summer/Fall 2016

Next Stretch Goal: N/A

Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux

Kickstarter has been flooded with 16-bit JRPG’s since 2013, but sadly most of them use the default assets from RPGmaker. So when one appears with custom-made sprites it’s hard to not take notice, and like Star Heroine before it, Shadows of Adam has caught my attention. Shadows of Adam’s goal is to mix elements from classic games with more modern mechanics. One such modernization is the removal of random enemy encounters; instead, monsters will be on screen, allowing you to ready yourself for battle. But beware - enemies may appear from unexpected places at times and catch you unprepared.

The game will feature unique skills for each character, avoiding the annoying issue of having ten skills that just hurt one enemy a moderate amount. Adding onto to that, characters will also be able to equip Artifacts. When equipped these will unlock unusual abilities/stat buffs that will greatly change the character’s playstyle. If you're interested you can try out a demo which is 1-2 hours long and can be found on the developer’s site.



Developer: Fox Rogers

Total Amount/Goal: £12,300/£25,000

Days Left: 6

Lowest Amount for Game: £10 (About $15 USD)

Release Date: Fall 2016 (Early Access)

Next Stretch Goal: N/A

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Refuge is an online game where two players are dropped onto the tower-like island of the Ark. The goal is simple - be the last man surviving. Surviving can consist of simply outlasting your opponent, or you can take matters into your own hands and try to kill them. The game is all about risk and reward, knowing when to go on the offensive and when to stay hidden while gathering supplies and enduring the rough weather conditions of the Ark.

Those on the offensive will need to worry about whether or not their weapon is stronger than their prey’s, while those who try to stay hidden must be wary of leaving traces of their movements. These traces will occur due to carelessness and luck, which will allow your opponent an easier time tracking you down or avoiding you. Refuge is part real-time, part turn-based. Each player is given a turn and during each turn the game plays out in real-time, allowing the player to gather supplies or hunt down his or her opponent. 



Developer: ACE EdVenture Studio Production

Total Amount/Goal: $30,500/$50,000

Days Left: 18

Lowest Amount for Game: $13/$15

Release Date: Spring 2017

Next Stretch Goal: Hard Cover Art Books ($100K)

Platforms: Windows and Mac

During my time in High School I generally loved the science classes, the one exception being chemistry. It was a subject that was uninteresting to me, but the folks at ACE EdVenture Studio Production are hoping to change that perception for future generations with an educational RPG called ChemCaper ACT I: Petticles in Peril. The overall goal of ChemCaper is to educate and raise interest in chemistry for younger kids through the medium of gaming, and it is currently set to release on mobile this spring. ACE decided launch this Kickstarter to help bring the game to a larger audience with a Windows PC and Mac release.

The game follows Roub as he travels the world of ChemCaper, a world that is directly based off of the periodic table. When encountering enemies, Roub’s main form of attack is to combine individual elements together in order to create combos based on the real chemical compounds that would be formed from those elements. The game will also include various mini-games to help get the player familiarized with certain chemistry topics like fractional distillation.


Ira – Act 1: Pilgrimage

Developer: Ore Creative

Total Amount/Goal: $7,300/$12,000

Days Left: 13

Lowest Amount for Game: $10

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2016

Next Stretch Goal: N/A

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

Ira reminds me of October Sky. Both follow a young boy who rebels against the idea of staying in the slums and following in his father’s footsteps as a miner (albeit on Mars, rather than West Virginia), and who instead decides to follow his dreams of space. While both characters make their dreams come true, Ira’s dream of being a member of the Holocene project goes horribly wrong. Awakened after 1082 days of slumber, Ira finds himself the only surviving member of the Holocene 2, a colony ship orbiting a distant star in the Lithic System. Ira must find out what caused this horrible event all while being flooded with visions and memories of his past.

Ira, at its core, is a classic point and click adventure game. A majority of the gameplay involves Ira exploring and investigating both his memories of the past and the present. As you meet characters in the past, how you interact with them will shape what Ira will find during his travels in the Lithic System. The timeline aspect of the gameplay is all about finding the right paths that will influence the future and help Ira in the present.

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arcaneguyver (on 24 January 2016)

Just gonna leave this one here...

aznboiray (on 23 January 2016)

you guys should really check out, pretty this game beats everything on the list

Saeko (on 24 January 2016)

Completly agree !

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Blacksaber (on 24 January 2016)

Don't worry, that will be part of my February list which will be much earlier in the month. I just wanted to get a Jan list out to help some older campaigns that haven't hit their goal yet.

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Blacksaber (on 24 January 2016)

Don't worry, that will be part of my February list which will be much earlier in the month. I just wanted to get a Jan list out to help some older campaigns that haven't hit their goal yet.

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