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by VGChartz Staff, posted on 07 May 2012 / 5,329 Views

 is epic.
Minecraft is adored.
People dig the aesthetic.
It should not be ignored.
minecraft xbox

Yet another review of the indie game darling.
What is left to say that hasn’t been said?
From crafting, to mines, to those zombies snarling,
A critique that rhymes might be better instead.

Over a million is the number of players,
Enjoying the current PC or Mac version.
There are also many naysayers,
To this new Xbox 360 “perversion”.

Not using a mouse but a controller instead?
How could that possibly ever work out?
Remove the fear from inside of your head.
Clear your mind of all of that doubt.

It might not be supreme,
For that you’ll still need a computer.
But it controls like a dream,
Like a first person shooter.

Left stick for moving, aiming the right.
Use items with triggers and also for punching
Oh look at that, is it already night?
Monsters look eager to start with their munching.
minecraft xbox

Let all new players rejoice,
There is a tutorial.
It is an excellent choice,
Leaving beginners’ cluelessness in memorial.

It tells me to get wood by punching a tree.
A crafting table is my next goal.
Some sticks, some planks, and a new pickaxe for me.
Torches? I’ll need to find some blocks of coal.

It does not lead you around by the hand.
You will still have to figure much of it out.
But if this is your first time in 'Minecraft Land', 
It gently points you down the right route.

Crafting is altered and for the best.
The recipes are all there, no need for a wiki.
Let’s hope the PC will soon also be so blessed.
Because remembering all the crafting can often be tricky. 
minecraft xbox

The achievements are quite easy, Points? 400 in all.
These are as close as you’ll get to goals in the game.
A sandbox with monsters that you sometimes brawl.
Also crafting and mines… it’s all there in the name.

This version is older (version 1.6.6)
So no shears, no Endermen, and no silverfish.
Free updates are promised with new features affixed. 
You can still go to the Nether if this is your wish.

The visuals are still full of that charm pixilated.
The music is the same soothing calm bliss.
Your joy at finding diamonds still can’t be underrated. 
You still will be jumping at a Creeper’s demon hiss.
minecraft xbox

To play on a couch instead of a chair,
Makes the whole experience much more relaxing.
Local co-op means that others can share
Xbox Live makes online play less taxing.

The max players is eight,
In a single world while online.
The experience is top rate,
As long as the other players are benign.
minecraft xbox

The framerate doesn’t drop.
Even with local four-player splitscreen.
Drop-in/Drop-out makes it easy to swap.
These versions are getting hard to choose between.

Verses my monitor, my T.V. is bigger.
The controller is comfortable and easy to use.
Makes it simple to control my digital mine digger.
And at $20 it is cheaper, always good news.

The choice is all yours,
If you buy this or not.
No need to start flame wars,
They usually do squat.

You sacrifice little but gain a bit more.
The version is older but bug-free and fun.
Crafting? Much simpiler. Online? Not a chore.
If couch co-op you enjoy, this is a home run.
minecraft xbox

If you never played it, make this one your first.
It is pretty much the same game as before.
Between the two versions there is really no “worst”.
Which means the game receives the same score.
This review is based on an XBLA copy of Minecraft, provided by the publisher.

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