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VGChartz Review Methodology


10 - Incomparable
Titles attaining a score of 10 are the absolute pinnacle of gaming. While not literally perfect, these games are the best of the best: the highest echelon of video game art and design.

9 / 9.5 - Outstanding
Games in this category are stellar, brilliant examples of the medium. They are among the very finest a system has to offer.

8 / 8.5 - Great
Superior across the board, these games come highly recommended. Expect to see them in the conversation for our end-of-year honors.

7 / 7.5 - Good
Well above average, 7s are worth the price of admission. Games in this camp are solid, valuable experiences. Only a few flaws keep them from greatness.

6 / 6.5 - Decent
These workmanlike titles probably won't take home any awards, but they're entertaining enough, particularly for fans of the genre.

5 / 5.5 - Acceptable
Neither good nor bad, category 5 games are the definition of middling. Each has a kernel of potential that never translated into a complete or satisfying product.

4 / 4.5 - Poor
Before investing in these sub-par games, think twice. They get a few things right, but too many obvious problems make them difficult to recommend.

3 / 3.5 - Bad
These third-rate games are buried under bad decisions and faulty execution. Very little to salvage here.

2 / 2.5 - Awful
Irredeemably bad. Games in this category are among the worst and most infuriating on the market.

1 / 1.5 - Atrocious
Each a contender for the worst of all time, these titles are virtually unplayable. Technically, aesthetically, and mechanically rotten to the core.

Reserved for most collections, anthologies, and remasters.