8 Great Games from 2012 You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

8 Great Games from 2012 You've (Probably) Never Heard Of - Article

by Adrian Andrews, posted on 24 February 2013 / 204,556 Views
As is always the case, the past 12 months in the world of gaming have been quite spectacular. There have been some low points, yes, but they’re mostly outweighed by the positives that can be taken from the past year. We've seen a new handheld console by Sony, and a new home console by Nintendo, but that’s just the peak of the 2012 gaming iceberg.

As usual, however, the most important thing is the games, and namely the ones which were the top of the 2012 class. We've already gone over some of them in our Game of the Year awards, but there are always some games that are sadly overlooked, for a variety of reasons. And that’s a shame.

But fear not, for I have compiled a list of 8 games which every self-respecting gamer should own (but sadly haven’t seen the success they deserve). Read on; you may just be surprised.

Score: 9.2


Score: 8.7
Score: 8.6
Score: 9.3

Score: 8.8

Score: 8.8
Score: 9.0

So I hope that in that list, there’s at least one game that’s piqued your interest. Do you agree with the list, or is there another hidden gem of 2012 that you think needs unearthing? Sound off in the comments!
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