Tokyo Jungle Coming to PlayStation Mobile Next Week

Tokyo Jungle Coming to PlayStation Mobile Next Week - News

by Adrian Andrews, posted on 05 July 2013 / 1,323 Views

Last year's cult PS3 game Tokyo Jungle will be hitting American mobiles this Wednesday, according to PSNStores. The game will launch at an introductory price of $2.99 (though it is likely this price will double the following week) and features a new gameplay style.


As can be seen from the above image, the mobile version will feature a top-down isometric grid, as opposed to the side-scrolling viewpoint of the original. In addition, the mobile version will not have a story mode, instead the "Survival Mode" from the original game will return.

As of yet, there is no mention of a European release, but if one is announced (which it likely will be) I know I'll be picking it up. The original game was an interesting title, and I'd be happy enough to play this altered mobile version.

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