EA Manipulating Dungeon Keeper Reviews

EA Manipulating Dungeon Keeper Reviews - News

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 06 February 2014 / 12,415 Views

EA's reboot of Dungeon Keeper for mobile devices has been almost universally panned as a thin specter of its namesake with abusive monetization policies. Not to be discouraged from profiting on a bad game, EA's solution is to manipulate the average user score to keep the game high on the Android charts. 

While playing Dungeon Keeper, users will be asked whether they would give the game 1-4 stars or 5 stars. If the user selects 5 stars, they are taken to the play store to review the game. If they respond with 1-4 stars, they are instead asked to email the developer and tell them what the game would need to earn a 5 star review. While asking for feedback is hardly a bad thing, only directing extremely positive reviews to the play store is certainly score manipulation. 

Thanks Eurogamer.

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