Kickstarter Life Support - Olympia Rising

Kickstarter Life Support - Olympia Rising - News

by Jared Katz, posted on 11 February 2014 / 1,038 Views

Kickstarter is filled with many campaigns that hit their goal within a matter of hours. Sadly, not all are that lucky, and many missing their goals. That's a fate that may happen to the currently running campaign for Olympia Rising.

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Before I talk about this game, I must say more than anything I’m disappointed in myself for missing the game out in my February Kickstarter Picks Article. For reasons I’m unsure about myself I forgot about this interesting game when writing the article. Olympia Rising is a 2-D action/adventure game set in Hades. Your goal is to escape as you go upwards through the different levels of the underworld. In the game you will use your jumping, sword and magic to rise up. At the end of each level is Charon, the Ferryman, who you must pay with treasure found throughout the level to advance.

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Currently Olympia Rising is sitting a little above $6,000 out of its $10,000 goal. There are only four more days left before the campaign ends. Though it has picked up some momentum over the last two days it’s still very much in need of a last minute burst of support. Olympia Rising is set to come out on PC, Mac and Linux should it achieve its funding goal.

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