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PlayStation 4 Sales Top 18 Million Worldwide - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 January 2015 / 14,215 Views

Sony's 8th generation home console, the PlayStation 4 has had a strong holiday season, consistently outselling its rivals, the Xbox One and Wii U every week. The PlayStation 4 has hit a new milestone for the fourth straight week.

The PlayStation 4 has now sold more than 18 million units worldwide, with sales of 18.25 million units. The milestone was achieved on the week ending December 20, 2014, where it sold 898,665 units.

The PlayStation 4 for the week also sold nearly as much as the Xbox One and Wii U did combined. The PlayStation 4 was just 60,581 units away from outselling its rivals combined. The PlayStation 4 is currently 962,396 units away from equaling the combined sales of the Xbox One and Wii U.


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ps4tw (on 05 January 2015)

Looks like the PS2, sales performance of the PS2, here's hoping it'll have a library as good as the PS2...

Noctisluciscaelum (on 05 January 2015)


kdognumba1 (on 05 January 2015)

Those are pretty insane sales. Sony really hit a home run with the PS4!

ps-sidahmed (on 05 January 2015)

The Ps4 is the badass of the console wars, while the other consoles are just doing bad

super6646 (on 05 January 2015)

Lol even though Xbox one is beating the 360 sales by a nice margin, the console that handed the ps3 its own feet for 1/2 the gen, and still ending up beating it!

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Underworld (on 06 January 2015)

You're over tracking it VGC. Sony says 8.5 as of January 4.

Protendo (on 05 January 2015)

Over 18.5 officially announced at CES.

darkenergy (on 05 January 2015)

Whoops, Sony just announced they sold 18.5 by January so the PS4 is overtracked.

Turkish (on 05 January 2015)

18.5M, not 18 or 18.25 lmao

thewastedyouth (on 05 January 2015)

this is insane Microsoft better spend money on good exclusives or they are going down

grannamir (on 05 January 2015)

PS2 it's you? No wait... is the new badass of town PS4