China Approves Sale of 5 Million Xbox One Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 20 August 2014 / 8,499 Views

Microsoft’s Xbox One Chinese partner BesTV revealed that China has approved the sale of five million Xbox One units. The figure shows they are not severely limiting the number of consoles that will be made available despite the censorship on violent video games.

The Xbox One launched in North America and some countries in Europe last November. Microsoft announced April they had shipped five million Xbox One units. No updated figure has been given since than.

Microsoft and BesTV are working together to bring retailers aboard in selling the console, as well as local developers to create games. BesTV believes the Xbox One will bring in big profits over its lifetime. The gaming industry has stated there is the potential to sell more than 50 million consoles in the next five years in China.

The Xbox One will hit store shelves on September 23 in China with a retail price of 3,699 yuan ($600). This is $200 more than in the US. However, despite the price retailers and experts believe the console will sell well.


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GodOfPeace3 (on 20 August 2014)

By the way, this doesn't mean that China has purchased 5 million units. It means China will ALLOW up to 5 million units to be sold if Microsoft is able to even reach that mark.

CARNAGE_RULES (on 24 August 2014)

No sh!t, Sherlock

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Michael-5 (on 20 August 2014)

iQue (Gamecube) sold about 1 million units in China (5% of overall sales). If XB1 matches that and sells 60 million lifetime, that means as much as 3 million could sell in China. 5 a stretch.

HylianSwordsman (on 20 August 2014)

I still think China is a bit of a wild card, but I have my doubts that there would be that many people who would buy an XBO at $600, even with a population of 1 billion.

binary solo (on 21 August 2014)

50 million in 5 years in China is not much more believable than 1Billion globally for the whole generation. The populations of the countries where consoles are already selling is well over 1Billion and no way is xb one selling 50 million in 5 years in established markets. 15 million in 5 years maybe.

ICStats (on 22 August 2014)

It says 50 million consoles, not just XB Ones.

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Josiah (on 20 August 2014)

Should say "up to"

gatito (on 20 August 2014)

Good, they won't sell more than 500k anyway. (on 20 August 2014)

lol XD

Sixteenvolt420 (on 20 August 2014)

It'll only take them 20 years to sell that many there, imo. I do wish them luck though.

y2jarmyofficial (on 20 August 2014)

Holy crap!way to go xbox

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Hardcore_gamer (on 20 August 2014)

Sony doomed I hope ps4 doesn't get approved for China

Blood_Tears (on 20 August 2014)

LOL They already did! Nice try though.

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CGI-Quality (on 20 August 2014)

The "doomed" nonsense is just comical and the PS4 has already been approved for sale in China.

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