The Last of Us Remastered Sells 632K Worldwide Opening Week, PS4 Sales Up 50% - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 18 August 2014 / 17,069 Views

The Last of Us Remastered hit store shelves on around the world on July 29. The game in its opening week managed to sell 632,030 units. The game helped increase PlayStation 4 sales by 51 percent to 178,164 units that week.

With opening week sales of 632,030 units it makes it the third biggest opening for the PlayStation 4. Only Watch Dogs and inFAMOUS: Second had bigger openings with sales of 1,596,933 and 698,489, respectively.

The Last of Us Remastered is an updated version of the PlayStation 3 smash hit The Last of Us. The original game has gone on to sell more than seven million units.


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Blood_Tears (on 18 August 2014)

"The original games has gone on to sell more than 4.5 million units." What a fucking joke! It passed 7 million copies already on the original, Sony already confirmed it. Much like 10 million PS4's and once again, no adjustments. Pathetic!

bevochan (on 19 August 2014)

A good portion of that 7 million may be digital sales. But I agree, PS3 Last of Us likely have sold much more than 4.5 million physical copies.

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Ganoncrotch (on 19 August 2014)

The site normally reports on retail sales, infact it always reports on retail sales unless it is an article regarding a publisher talking about how many sold since that would be one of the only ways of tracking psn sales. Simmer down.

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ICStats (on 20 August 2014)

Is this a difference in Retail vs PSN sales?

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Josiah (on 19 August 2014)

Why does everything Sony related get posted with lower numbers... 7 million was confirmed, over 10 million ps4 confirmed, meanwhile Xbox One is constantly over tracked.

Nicklesbe (on 19 August 2014)

the word you are looking for is bias ^.^

  • +1
dovus (on 19 August 2014)

Do you have any proof that xone is overtracked?

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Sony-For-Life (on 19 August 2014)

LOL @ 4.5 million units sold! what a BS, and just like Blood_Tears said when PS4 gonna get adjusted up?

Underworld (on 19 August 2014)

If you say the original has gone on to sell 7 million then why do you still have it at 4.68 million? Is the 7 million number copies sold to consumers or retailers? And you have PS4 at 9.4 million as of the 9th when Sony announced on the 12th that it's sold 10 million. So you're saying the PS4 sold 600k in 3 days? You need to fix your numbers. I usually try and defend VGC, but I don't think I can anymore.

SocialistSlayer (on 19 August 2014)

im pretty sure its passed 7 million, let alone "4.5 million"

drake_tolu (on 19 August 2014)

4.5M according to VGChartz, for Sony the game have sold 7 million...

Ganoncrotch (on 19 August 2014)

Retail / Digital like vgchartz always tracks.

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Michelasso (on 19 August 2014)

Yo, D'Angelo.. When are you going to realize that your vgchartz SW numbers are totally screwed up? Also adjust (again) the PS4 total sales as well, they are above 10 million.

ThatDanishGamer (on 19 August 2014)

Uncharted was also heavily undertracked on VGCharttz so I don't believe this number, or any number under 1 million.

GdaTyler (on 18 August 2014)

WTF? How much longer can they sustain this momentum. That's impressive. The holidays are sure looking good. I believe it can really make more than 16M by end of 2014 indeed now.

Justagamer (on 21 August 2014)

Hey, vgc, please adjust the ps4 numbers up.... to something like 80 million... so these whiney fanboys can finally shut the hell up. It's as though these numbers will change your lives.... grow up kids. "Oh, the ps4 sold 10 million units?" My life has changed.... they're off by less than 10%..... cry some more...or, go start your own tracking website, so you can finally stop whining so much...

Kallumsmarties (on 19 August 2014)

And then it is back down around where 3DS is selling.

Ninsect (on 27 August 2014)

TLoU launch week PS4 sales already adjusted up to ~200k lol.

SirFortesque (on 19 August 2014)

Tombi 3, Medievil 3 and All-Stars 2 would sold better lol Just kidding, anyway is quite obvious that this remastered version of Last of us is a great idea, even if some people aren't liking it.

WagnerPaiva (on 19 August 2014)

My favorite game by far last gen. Also, 7 million is more than 4,5 million, so, you are correct sir... Also, great sales for the PS4 version, I guess it can get to 2-3 million, no problem, so, this amazing, unique, once in a lifetime game will finally get the sales it deserve: 10 million. Althought most of the games that get to this landmark do not deserve the honor at all...

Captain_Tom (on 19 August 2014)

So if Remastered sold over 1.2m then they have over 8m combined. Pretty soon this game will be outselling most of the Halo's...

WagnerPaiva (on 19 August 2014)

That would be a fair thing, since this is light years better than any Halo. Any Halo. Any, I have said...

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Yafea (on 19 August 2014)

Amazing numbers for a remastered version. It almost have the same opening as Infamous second son. This game will sell at least 2 million copies.

r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 19 August 2014)

it seams all the negativity is actually driving sales so let the haters hate, their just making more people want the game.

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CARNAGE_RULES (on 19 August 2014)

A world of morons, this game will NOT sell 2 million on the PS4, maybe 1.5 Million but that's it.

WebMasterFlex (on 19 August 2014)

Dat tears. TLOU is a 10 million seller combined for sure one day or another.

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Devil_Survivor (on 19 August 2014)

@Webmasteterflex- lol ok you keep on delusion train all you want. Its probably going to 8.5 million for sure combined, however not 10.

  • -4
WebMasterFlex (on 19 August 2014)

The game on June was at 7.5 million already on PS3. Still selling. Do the math...

  • +3
WebMasterFlex (on 19 August 2014)

The game on June was at 7.5 million already on PS3. Still selling. Do the math...

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