Resident Evil Franchise Tops 56m, Revelations Expected to Sell 1.2m - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 May 2013 / 3,863 Views

Capcom has released several sales figures for many of its franchises, as well as upcoming games. Lost Planet 3 which is due out on August 27 in North America, is expected to sell 1.2 million units by the end of current fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2014. The game will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in all regions of the world in August.

Resident Evil Revelations which is due out worldwide this May is also expected to sell 1.2 million units. The game is being released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC. Capcom also released its prediction for Monster Hunter 4 (3DS). The game is due out this summer in Japan and is expected to sell 2.8 million units.

Capcom has also released lifetime sales for many of its franchises. The Resident Evil franchise is the companies most popular by far with 56 million units sold to date. The Street Fighter franchise has sold 34 million units and the Monster Hunter franchise has sold 23 million units. Devil May Cry series has sold 12 million units to date. Also the Dead Rising games have sold 5.4 million units and the Lost Planet franchise has sold 4.9 million units.

Capcom expects to ship 13 million units games for the 2014 fiscal year. This is a drop of one million units compared to the 2013 fiscal year.

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Araknie (on 10 May 2013)

I hope it sells much more, so Capcom will realize that there is still market for real horror games. If it doesn't they will just keep doing shitty REs.

krafty89 (on 09 May 2013)

VG chartz: Resident Evil: 54.64 (Close, with digital might be on the nose) DMC: 13.53 (Overtracked) Street Fighter: 31.01 (Undertracked)

Rogerioandrade (on 13 May 2013)

Itīs a good thing that Capcom is keeping a low sales prediction for Resident Evil Revelations. It seems that they didnīt spent much on doing those ports, so they donīt need to sell millions to get the necessary profit. Thatīs the way developers need to think from now on. A game that needs 4 or 5 million to give some profit is a risky investment, like the Square examples of Tomb Rider, Sleeping Dogs...

Michael-5 (on 09 May 2013)

Only 1.2 million for 4 platforms? This could be the best 7th gen console Resident Evil to date, shame. Shame for Lost Planet 3 as well, 1 was so great!