Sega Studios Australia to Shut Down - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 April 2013 / 2,579 Views

Sega will be shutting down its Sega Studios Australia "later this year," according to Kotaku. The studio was formerly named Creative Assembly Australia and was renamed in 2011.

The studio developed Medieval 2: Total War, Storm Rise and London 2012 Olympics. Last year Sega had laid off 37 of the 80 employees at the studio. This was part of a transition to work on a "multi-product deal focusing across the digital marketplace." However nothing ever came of this deal.

This is the fourth studio to be affected this week. Disney has shut down game development at LucasArts and laid off the majority of employees, Activision laid off 40 employees at its High Moon Studios, and Square Enix laid off staff at its Los Angeles studios.

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IamAwsome (on 06 April 2013)

There goes another one. *sigh*

Booyah (on 05 April 2013)

Will there be any developers left by the time the next-gen starts? At this rate it will only be Angry Birds games, but like 300 variations.

Skrunch-a-tron (on 05 April 2013)

You mean Sega is still in business?