Sony: No PlayStation Vita Price Cut in North America - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 February 2013 / 5,270 Views

Sony announced at the beginning of the week that it is cutting the price of its handheld, the PlayStation Vita, in Japan. However there was no announcement for a price cut in the rest of the world.

Joystiq talked with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida about PlayStation Vita and asked him if it will be getting a price cut in North America. "No, it's not," Yoshida simply replied. He did add that the exchange rate is the main reason there is no price cut in the rest of the world.

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tripenfall (on 21 February 2013)

no price cut and the ridiculous memory card price...... fail

newwil7l (on 21 February 2013)

Bad business move Sony.

LiquorandGunFun (on 21 February 2013)

they need to cut the price of the memory cards or they will not sell another digital item to me.

walsufnir (on 21 February 2013)

they need to open the system so it accepts standard sdhc-cards!

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Ganoncrotch (on 23 February 2013)

I think the actual contacts of the Card are slightly different tho walsufnir in terms of which pin does what but agreed 100% LiquorandGunFun it's impossible to consider psn+ or downloading some great psp games when you have to factor in paying 50euros for 16gb of space.... you can fill that with a small handful of psp games, not even full Vita games.

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ryuzaki57 (on 21 February 2013)

Bullshit! The yen is undervalued atm. Either Yoshida skipped basic economics (ever heard of purchasing power parity?) or he's sending Vita to die in the west. And I'm pretty sure it's the second option.

the_dengle (on 21 February 2013)

Wow, Sony.

chidori-chan2 (on 22 February 2013)

You have a good run Vita...

FujiokaMidori (on 21 February 2013)

Funny how the 3DS was selling HORRIBLY, and after the price cut, it has been the best selling system for some months now. Just yesterday I was thinking: If they cut the price down for the Americas... I may just get this console next. Not anymore. Well done Sony... just... ugh.... you just don't get it, do you?

NobleTeam360 (on 21 February 2013)

My thoughts exactly.

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Kaizar (on 22 February 2013)

Actually the first month sales where better then any other video game system ever.

And same goes for first 6 months & first 12 months and so fort.

I don't see how the highest selling system since its first month to this date could have ever been failing, unless you compare video game system sales to cell phone sales.

Apparently a lot of people compare Home Console & Handheld Console sales to iPhone sales. But no one compares PC sales, like Windows 7 to Home Consoles & Handheld Consoles, which would be the same as comparing iPhone sales in a matter of speaking.

But all casuals want Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft to fail so they can say that Angry Birds is the best game ever.

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Alby_da_Wolf (on 24 February 2013)

Not just this. Most probably there will be different best times for each region to cut the price.

Rogerioandrade (on 22 February 2013)

The price cut will eventually come to the west, don´t worry about that. It´s just not coming right now.

Dodece (on 21 February 2013)

If memory serves me correctly isn't this the same executive that denied a price cut for the PS3 all of three days before it happened.

johnsobas (on 21 February 2013)

the exchange rate comment makes NO sense, it's exactly the opposite. The yen is getting much weaker, the euro in particular is much stronger, the dollar is also quite a bit stronger. Every other currency has appreciated against the yen in the last couple months. Nintendo actually posted a loss in the last quarter of 2012 in Japan because the yen weakened, even though Nintendo pretty much dominated Japan. They made a profit overseas despite sales being average.

Nintendo-Europe (on 22 February 2013)

False! One the one hand currency exchange rate has no influence on Nintendo's benefits in Japan which is the country where theirs headquarters and main productions centers are. Theirs productions costs are in Yen and in Japan they sell in Yen. On the over hand in the west they sell in currencies like Dollar or Euro. At equal selling price when yen goes stronger against them, benefits are dropping and when Yen goes weaker benefits are increasing. (This explains the Japanese government's interest to depreciate Yen value as much as possible). The mentioned losses are probably because the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS were sold at loss during this period.

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Scisca (on 21 February 2013)

Don't you think he just had to say that? I think they are just waiting with the price cut for a couple of days or weeks more, till they get some games out in the West to work with the cut and this statement was supposed to tell those people who wanted to buy Vita, that they can go ahead and do it. It's not going to work, but hey, it's business. If he said "actually we plan to cut the price in 3 weeks", sales would be even worse during these 3 weeks. That's obviously me hoping for the price cut to come to the West asap. We need every Vita sold we can get.

Nintendo-Europe (on 22 February 2013)

Announcing a price Cut only for a country is not a smart move because with the internet it will be known worldwide and people in others country will consider that you are taking them for fools...

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Nintendo-Europe (on 22 February 2013)

Announcing a price Cut only for a country is not a smart move because with the internet it will be known worldwide and people in others country will consider that you are taking them for fools...

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think-man (on 21 February 2013)

Whats everyone complaining about? the vita's already cheap lol if you really want it get off your ass and get a job!