Iwata: Wii U Not Getting a Price Cut - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 31 January 2013 / 4,907 Views

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that the Wii U is not getting a price cut in a statement following Nintendo's financial report for its third quarter which ended December 31.

"With Wii U, we have taken a rather resolute stance in pricing it below its manufacturing cost, so we are not planning to perform a markdown," said Iwata. "I would like to make this point absolutely clear."

"We are putting our lessons from Nintendo 3DS to good use, as I have already publicly stated," added Iwata. "However, given that it has now become clear that we have not yet fully communicated the value of our product, we will try to do so before the software lineup is enhanced and at the same time work to enrich the software lineup which could make consumers understand the appeal of Wii U."

Nintendo in its financial results cut its forecast for all of its consoles. Nintendo will now ship four million Wii U's by March 31, 2013, instead of 5.5 million and 15 million 3DS's, instead of 17.5 million.

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stealth20k (on 31 January 2013)

doesnt need it

Max King of the Wild (on 31 January 2013)

Have you seen it's sales lately?

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gigantor21 (on 31 January 2013)

Makes sense. A price cut two months in would look horrible, and the odds that it would boost sales much right now are sketchy at best. Considering that the system is already selling at a loss, they would need to be 110% sure a bigger loss was worth it. If the titles out later in the year don't help, though, they won't have a choice at that point.

OneTwoThree (on 31 January 2013)

Maybe Iwata was asked about a price drop - in that case he has two possibilities: A) deny it (even though it may be coming soon) B) announce it officially, effective immediately

kupomogli (on 31 January 2013)

Less than 40,000 the past three weeks. Either give it a price cut or it's not selling. The games you announced aren't coming out until late this year. I doubt most people are going to buy a Wii U for the potential release of games. I'm buying it as soon as Smash Bros and Xenoblade 2 come out. Not because of their announcement.

hivycox (on 31 January 2013)

nice Nintendo!!! show the haters the real power! it really doesn't make any sense to lower the price now....get real people!

Grandia (on 02 February 2013)

Now at the moment anyways no one want a WiiU, WiiU has almost no games till now it would not change that much if they give it a price cut right now or not, when next winter holiday season comes and a few new games for the wiiU will be released, it will make more sense to cut the price too. And the PS4 and Xbox 720 will arrive at next winter as well, so nintendo anyways has to cut the price of wiiu if they want to have a chance against the other two.

thewastedyouth (on 01 February 2013)

Sega does what Nintendont?

DieAppleDie (on 31 January 2013)

lowering 50$ would be ideal, but if its not possible, then no problem mr. Iwata!!!!

chris_wing (on 31 January 2013)

Vita mode engaged.

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SMACKDOWNER (on 31 January 2013)

Oh wow i didn't know the Wii U was even still around

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