60 million Windows 8 Licenses Sold in 10 Weeks - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 January 2013 / 4,397 Views

Microsoft has announced that the number of licenses sold of its new operating system, Windows 8, have passed 60 million in 10 weeks. This is up from 40 million licenses sold in its first month. Windows 8 is currently outpacing Windows 7 in the same time span.

"At the 11th Annual J.P. Morgan Tech Forum at CES 2013 today, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller announced that Windows 8 has sold 60 million licenses to date," said the Windows Blog team to TechCrunch. "This represents the cumulative sales of Windows 8 including both upgrades and sales to OEMs for new devices. This is a similar sales trajectory that we saw with Windows 7."

"We have seen a significant increase in the number of Windows 8 certified systems since general availability at the end of October," added the Windows Blog Team. "There are now more than 1,700 certified systems for Windows 8 and Windows RT."

Microsoft is seeing 'strong growth' in app development with the total number of apps quadrupling since launch. Windows 8 has also passed 100 million app downloads.

"While we can’t share a specific breakdown, Windows 8 upgrades continue to outpace Windows 7 sales," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

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slowmo (on 09 January 2013)

That's a whole lot of haters upset with this news

ironmanDX (on 10 January 2013)

OMFG NO WAY! THSE NUMBERS ARE RONG COZ OF ALL THE WIN8 H8 THREDZ. TROLLS ON THE NET KNOW WAY MORE!! Hopefully this finally puts an end to the Windows 8 doom treads.

gorilla (on 10 January 2013)

No its doomed.

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DieAppleDie (on 09 January 2013)

ejem....guys, its a very LOW number, compared to the number of PCs sold in the same time frame

piggychan (on 09 January 2013)

wow and people were saying it was a dead OS!!

Baalzamon (on 09 January 2013)

Nicely done! A lot of this can probably be attributed to the fact that they have made it such a cheap upgrade. Had it been more than $40, I would have waited until my next computer to get it.

allenmaher (on 10 January 2013)

How do you say "I am sorry for your loss" 60 million times in 10 weeks. It boggles the mind.

gorilla (on 10 January 2013)

Why would VG charts have to report it and Micorsoft is staying hush about it. You better believe that if they really sold that many copies then they would be tooting their horns of triumph, but they are mum.

gorilla (on 10 January 2013)

Thats sold to manufacturers not sold to to actual people. Thats companies buying these licenses and hoping to sell them. That includes the old dusty copy sitting on the shelf at walmart. Dont believe for one minute that Windows 8 is catching on.

Podings (on 10 January 2013)

They conveniently forget to say that it costs 1/5 of what they sold Windows 7 for at launch. I think quite a few people who have been holding on to Windows XP are finally upgrading now.

NeoRatt (on 10 January 2013)

It is hard to understand Windows 8 numbers. This probably includes enterprise sales, consumer sales, and upgrades... I expect Enterprise sales of Windows 8 to rise as IS/IT groups in corporations try to avoid the use of iOS and Android tablets by implementing Windows tablets. Windows 8 tablets are much easier to manage and control for IS/IT organizations (They just use the existing group policies for Windows on the server) than iOS and Android devices. I think the two key numbers are the quadrupling of apps (that brings it up to 40,000 apps)... And the number of app downloads... 100 million is very high in such a short time. This will start to give more developers a reason to write software targeting Windows 8. Which should increase app quality, which should increase the reasons to buy Windows 8. As much as everyone doom and glooms Windows 8, the right things seem to be happening. It may not be the most successful MS OS long term, but, if these types of stats keep showing up, MS will be in good shape. Considering the drastic changes and culture shock Windows 8 provides to traditional Windows users, I think MS can be happy so far.

Baalzamon (on 10 January 2013)

Well, don't be confused by the 100 million number. If 30 million people upgraded to windows 8, and decided to download the Skype app, that is 30% of that number alone (these numbers are just made up, but still)

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Bladeforce (on 09 January 2013)

Until I see real figures I am seriously doubting a blog from someone on the microsoft payroll. End of year stats will show how bad it is, i do not believe this for a moment

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Tammi (on 10 January 2013)

Hate Windows 8!

007BondAgent (on 09 January 2013)

those numbers are obviously shipped /s Much higher then expected though, well done :)