Valve Acquires Star Filled Studios - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 December 2012 / 7,653 Views

Valve has announced they have acquired Star Filled Studios. The studio has only two employees, Jeff Gates and Tod Semple. The pair has worked on Diablo III, Plants Vs Zombies, and Spore. They previously worked at PopCap's San Carlos studio, but were let go when the studio closed in August.

"The guys who did PvZ, down in the Bay Area, we’re helping them set up a Valve subsidiary there," said Valve co-founder and managing director Gabe Newell, speaking with Edge.

"As a point of clarification, this is probably better categorized as Valve hiring two new employees instead of an acquisition of a company or opening of a Valve SF office," said Valve's Doug Lombardi, speaking with Joystiq.

This is Valve's second acquisition. In 2008 Valve acquired Turtle Rock Studios, the studio behind Left 4 Dead. However the studio was closed later in 2008, but it was reopened in 2009 as an independent studio.

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__XBrawlX__ (on 15 December 2012)

And so it begins...

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 15 December 2012)

yea wht he said

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KeptoKnight (on 15 December 2012)

In preparation for Steambox!!!

chidori-chan2 (on 16 December 2012)

shit got serious!

Shura (on 15 December 2012)

Woo, they are serious.