Halo Franchise Reaches 50M, Next Title in Early Development - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 December 2012 / 6,956 Views

Microsoft has announced that the Halo franchise has sold more than 50 million units since the original game launched in November 2001. Just before the release of Halo 4 it was announced that 46 million units have been sold, which means that Halo 4 has sold at least four million units since its release last month. The game managed to earn $220 million in just 24 hours.

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor, speaking with CVG, has announced the next title is "in early stages of development." Also "a lot of people at 343 are already prototyping ideas and software and art for future Halo products."

"I can’t say more than that, but work on the game started actually before we launched Halo 4 and continues apace as we cycle staff through the team’s vacation breaks,” he added. “We’re excited about the next game."

O'Connor added that he is not sure if another season of Spartan Ops will be released.  "Spartan Ops season 2 is yet to be decided, we're looking at how the first season does," said O'Connor. "We got such great responses from Forward Unto Dawn and Spartan Ops that we're pretty happy with it and we're learning a lot of really interesting stuff for the future. You are going to see a spectrum of Halo support though the next year and beyond."

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yo_john117 (on 06 December 2012)

Uh-oh it looks like Halo 4 may be massively overtracked. It's hard to believe that in 3-4 weeks it could only manage 4 million though.

MonstaMack (on 06 December 2012)

Looks like it just got adjusted a bit.

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VGKing (on 06 December 2012)

Wow. I said the exact same thing and got thumbed down 6 times.
Looks like I got some enemies.

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yo_john117 (on 06 December 2012)

@Monsta: Really? Looks about the same to me (5.15 million). I just don't understand how it could have only sold 4 million. It's pretty much confirmed that Halo 4 had as good as a week as Halo 3 (3.7 million) and it's third week, black friday sales were stated as outperforming their expectations so I would imagine at least 300-400k. Which leaves roughly 0k for week two.

Makes no sense to me.

@VG: It's all in the presentation.

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Nsanity (on 06 December 2012)

NPD dont count software which is included in system bundles.

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spongysnake (on 07 December 2012)

More than 50 millions idiot ! 50......Microsoft is using a round figure. You expect them to use 51.15....... Or 52.##### ? idiot, use your brain a little bit sometimes. And Microsoft is not even a tracking company, just just go to some departments and plug an approximate number.

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SecondWar (on 06 December 2012)

Hope there is another season of Spartan Ops and maybe a few more after that. Think they are a better way to bridge the gap between games than the novels.

NobleTeam360 (on 06 December 2012)

Their will be a season two of spartan ops. I think MS is showing something about it at the VGA's.

Psyberius (on 06 December 2012)

Lets remember that a ton of these weren't in bundles. When you consider that, it's a damn monster. Nintendo is very proud of prancing around with its "blockbuster" game sells but how many of them came in a bundle?

Proclus (on 07 December 2012)

Lots of spin going on to pretend Halo 4 did awful, so sad.

007BondAgent (on 07 December 2012)

YES! pokemon is still #1 :P

kmcroc (on 06 December 2012)

Their better be a Second season of Spartan Op & more features like Forward unto Dawn. cause if not I will have lost faith in 343i.

ironmanDX (on 06 December 2012)

So basically if you don't get more stuff for free you'll loose faith? What a ridiculous way of looking at GETTING THINGS FOR FREE!

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VGKing (on 06 December 2012)

Halo 4 overtracked confirmed?