Guild Wars 2 Publisher NCsoft Hit with Layoffs - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 December 2012 / 6,459 Views

Layoffs have hit Guild Wars 2 publisher NCsoft. The job cuts hits NCsoft's Seattle studio. There was first a rumor that the studio had closed, but that has since been dismissed, but PC Gamer has found out that a 'realignment' has taken place.

"NCsoft is realigning internal publishing resources to better suit the needs of our game development studios," Lincold Davis, a spokesman for NCsoft, told PC Gamer. "As a result of the realignment, several employees and contract positions were affected. This was a very tough decision to make and wish the best for all NCsoft employees in their next ventures."

NCsoft had laid off employees at its Austin, Brighton and Seattle studios in October 2011.

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Nem (on 05 December 2012)

The F2P model of GW2 is questionable in terms of revenue. The game has also lost much of its player base over the last couple of months because you cant shake off the fact that its a boring and repeptitive game despite the new takes it brought to the genre. The combat definitly isnt in the same level as GW1.

Heavenly_King (on 05 December 2012)

but the game was not very successful? ¬_¬

MoiseHnkel (on 05 December 2012)

I dont think they are talking about guildwars 2 people, but only the one who published guildwars (NCsoft)

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