Animal Crossing: New Leaf Ships 600K in Japan, 200K Sold Digitally - News

by William D'Angelo, posted on 12 November 2012 / 7,402 Views

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has tweeted that 600,000 copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf  has been shipped in Japan in its opening weekend. The game is already sold out in many retail locations and Nintendo will ship another 200,000 copies later this week in order to meet demand.

Iwata also tweeted that there have been about 200,000 digital purchases of the game on the 3DS eShop. However a high amount of these were sold from cards at retailers.

The game is also the biggest debut for the 3DS in Japan by a good margin, even if you don't count digital sales. Monster Hunter 3G held the previous record in Japan with sales of 525,827 in its opening week in December 2011, according to VGChartz sales figures. Also Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D sold 515,176 units in its opening week in Japan.

The game was released on November 8 in Japan and will release in the first half 2013 in North America.

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shakarak (on 12 November 2012)

Nicely done Nintendo.

samuship (on 13 November 2012)


dark_gh0st_b0y (on 13 November 2012)

yaaaaay!!! : )

Cheebee (on 13 November 2012)

Wow, that's a LOT!

Majora (on 13 November 2012)

I <3 Animal Crossing

Nintendogamer (on 13 November 2012)

Go Nintendo and 3DS!

Olivernintentoal (on 13 November 2012)

I wonder if its legs will carry it past the Mario games?

sethnintendo (on 13 November 2012)

I doubt it unless one of his legs falls off. It might be able to surpass Wild World totals though which would be nice.

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sethnintendo (on 14 November 2012)

Correction... It will surpass Wild World

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think-man (on 13 November 2012)

Never heard of this game :/

Nintendogamer (on 13 November 2012)

You have now!

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